Know your cold calling regulations

Cold calling remains a popular B2B sales technique, for the simple reason that it continues to deliver a result. However, it is still common for organizations to struggle in developing an effective cold calling strategy due to confusions surrounding the legality behind their actions.

Check your sales pipeline health

Neglecting to regularly audit your pipeline is dangerous, as the preferences of B2B buyers continuously evolve. Your sales team can only secure consistent success by maintaining a continued awareness of pipeline health to instantly identify possible problems.

Can content give your sales a boost?

61% of B2B decision makers say content heavily influences their purchasing decisions, yet many sales teams have yet to embrace the opportunities content assets offer them.

B2B sales: Can effective workflows improve your success?

A recent study shared the shocking fact that 91% of small-medium sized businesses have no set process for managing and converting leads, leaving the majority of B2B salespeople to use their raw skills and personally selected style to turn leads into clients.

Revolutionize your buyer journey

No matter the sector or size of your business, you’ll have a buyer journey, and it will be paramount to your business success. As its name suggests, this process outlines the journey your buyers go through, from initial product and brand awareness to confirming their ultimate purchasing decision.

Does your business blog measure up?

Though 77% of B2B decision makers engage regularly with business blogs, two in three marketing teams fail to regularly create and publish these rich content assets.

Should content marketing break the bank?

The money spent on content marketing continues to increase, with the average B2B company spending 30% of all marketing budget on this channel alone. 45% of marketing teams expect their content budget to increase within the next 12 months, but with $1 billion wasted every year on ill-fitting and ineffective content creation and distribution, could your content marketing strategy break the bank?