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Creating and executing the ultimate lead generation strategy

Your existing customers are essential to your business. Where would you be without them? While b2b organizations should focus on keeping existing customers happy — as well as cross-selling and upselling — you also need to gain new customers to expand and grow. Before a customer becomes a customer, they are a lead. And more often than not, the journey they go on to become a customer isn’t a straight-forward one! It is the job of marketers and salespeople to make this process as smooth as possible. To ensure you are turning leads into customers as often as possible, you need to implement a lead gen strategy.
When it comes to lead generation strategies, it is impossible for one to suit every business. Think about what kind of business you are. What are your current marketing efforts? What does your approach to sales looks like? Start with your wider business strategy — where does lead gen fit in? Once you’ve established where lead generation sits within it, it’s time to think about creating and executing your very own b2b lead gen strategy.
You can find some handy tips for generating leads [here].

What marketing objectives to focus on

According to a HubSpot study, 70% of marketers see converting leads as a priority. And, 55% want to attract visitors to their site. Generating high quality leads can assist with a huge number of your wider objectives. These include:

● Do you want to increase profit?
● Are you hoping to acquire new customers?
● Do you want more website visitors?
● Perhaps you are looking to improve CRO and bounce rate?
● Looking to increase your market share?
● Do you want to improve the size of deals?

Focus on the objectives that relate to expansions and growth, as well as improving quality. Effective lead generation positively impacts each of these elements to help your business grow and gain a return.


What to include in your lead generation strategy


According to DMC News, the most common lead gen strategies are email marketing, event marketing, and content marketing. You can read 10 simple lead generation strategies for b2bs [here] for ideas that are easy to execute. According to HubSpot, outbound leads cost 39% more than inbound leads. So, it is worth considering this in your strategy, too. Cold calls, email blasts and generic marketing content could be costing your sales and marketing teams more than it is worth. Adopt a personalized approach to marketing, tailor all communications, and treat leads as individuals. You will see success off the back of making these small changes to your approach.


How to execute your strategy perfectly

In essence, there are four significant steps to your lead strategy:
Capturing leads
Decide how you want to attract leads. Are you going to use inbound or outbound marketing to attract customers? Do you have an existing database of contacts? If not, are going to invest in software that enables you to access this? Lead Forensics, for example, gives users access to a global leading database of businesses and decision makers. This saves salespeople and marketers crucial time they would spend searching for key contacts. Establish what you have got, what you need, and how you are going to get there.
Lead generation through content marketing
Nurture leads with engaging, high-quality content — link to relevant blog posts on social media, send them eBooks that touch on their business pain points, share video content, infographics and other assets that will remind them of your brand. This is a great way to stay at the front of their minds without using aggressive sales tactics. And, it might hit them at just the right moment!
Attract leads to your website
Use content marketing effectively to draw website users to your b2b website. This is where leads should get all the information they need about your business. The longer they stay, the better! To make the most of your website visitors, discover Lead Forensics. The software alerts users of their website visitors in real-time, so salespeople and marketers can get in touch while leads are hot.
Ensure they are qualified leads
When thinking about how to generate prospects, you also need to consider how to qualify them. According to HubSpot, less than half of businesses establish a company-wide definition of a ‘sales-ready’ lead. Generating leads is all well and good — but if the leads do not align with your goals, or are not interested in your product, then they do not add any value to your business. Align your teams and establish a clear definition of what a sales-ready lead looks like for success.


How to measure the success of your lead gen strategy

Measuring success is crucial — businesses need to see what is working for them and what is not. Ensure you apply this mentality to your b2b lead generation process. Set goals and plan tactics to get there. It is up to you as a business to decide the best way to measure. Consider measuring click throughs and conversions — how many of your leads are engaging with your content, signing up to newsletters, filling in forms? Look at your return on investment (ROI) — marketing, PR and advertising takes up valuable business time and money. When you make an investment, ROI tells you how much money you make from it. Ensure the leads your investments draw in are creating a strong return! You should also measure the success of each of your channels or looking into the cost of acquiring leads. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to question and adapt processes that are not working.

Lead generation software should be an integral part of your lead generation strategy. If you want to maximize the leads you generate from your website, get to prospects before your customers, and save time searching for key decision makers, then it is time to discover Lead Forensics. Our lead generation software can take your b2b website to the next level, capitalizing on website traffic and moving you one step ahead of your competitors. Request your demonstration today!


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