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IP Tracking FAQs: What is it and why do you need it?

Your website is one of the most valuable resources you hold. It is likely to sit in pride of place at the centre of all your marketing activity and with the right tools in place, could quickly help you maximise the leads you’re generating and your chance of converting them.

So how do you ensure you’re grabbing every piece of information, and gathering in all the buyer insights that your website has to offer? The secret is IP tracking.

What is IP tracking?

Imagine for a second that your website is a high street shop. Potential customers may drop in and out all the time. These visitors may be a mix of your target customers – the business shoppers (B2B buyers) – and other consumers. You don’t know who they are but you do know what they looked at in the shop. You try some data collection tactics but with limited success. So while you can keep track of footfall numbers and the items that are looked at most, you are pretty limited on the information you hold.

Imagine now that you are able to see in detail exactly which company the business shoppers are from when they step foot in your shop. And that you can track exactly what each individual did once they were there – from how they found the shop in the first place, to when they have visited, what they looked at and how they moved round your shop.

Suddenly you have valuable information that you can use to enhance your marketing activity, while grabbing every potential lead (even those anonymous shoppers) and being able to tailor your sales pitch when you go in for the conversion. IP tracking software can help you do this.

Now for the technical bit – so what is it? The software can basically track the IP address of website visitors. An IP address is the unique number that is assigned to each computer when it accesses the internet. A bit like a car registration number, it can be followed and the journey taken online and on different websites can be tracked. And again, like a car registration, the number can lead back to information about the individual computer and who may be using it.

For individuals, the personal information that this number links back to will be kept private, but for businesses more info is generally available. With the IP tracking software, combined with the comprehensive data that has been pulled together by Lead Forensics, you will be able to find out detailed information about the B2B customers who are visiting your site.

How does IP tracking software work?

It is very simple to start using IP tracking software. A small piece of code is added to your website, much like Google Analytics, and this will track the IP addresses of site visitors. Lead Forensics can then identify each IP address for you and provide accurate and detailed information about the company they are from, turning all visitors (even the anonymous ones) into potential leads.

What does my IP address say about me? 

If you’re sat at home using your laptop to surf the net then your IP address won’t reveal anything about you personally. That’s where privacy issues come into play. There are strict rules in place to protect internet users and the number is simply the access point you’re using to go on the web. It won’t for example share your name or street address. All it will show is general info, like the internet provider you’re using and the rough geographical area you’re in, such as the city.

For company computers it is slightly different and more information is available in the public domain. So using the IP addresses and cross referencing them with the information held in Lead Forensics’ comprehensive database, and with other information sources, it will be possible to reveal the identity of B2B visitors who are using a company internet connection.


How does LF’s software differ from others?


Lead Forensics has the world’s largest IP database, but uncovering the key information about website visitors often requires more than just an IP address. To really give you the insight and data you need to increase sales – company details, key contact names and email addresses – it is about having the knowledge and experience to pull together information from multiple sources . This is something Lead Forensics has been doing expertly for years, helping businesses gain the competitive advantage by transforming their sales funnel.


Who should be using this software – sales or marketing?

Both! That’s the beauty of it. This type of tracking software is a great tool for both marketing and salesteams, revealing insights that will be valuable across all stages of the sales funnel.


It’s also really easy to set up as it just requires a small bit of code to be embedded in your website – a 2 minute job – and you could start today. Once the set-up is complete you begin to see who your unidentified website visitors are immediately.  Sales teams have an immediate new pipeline of leads which were previously out of reach. It really is that simple.

You can filter the results in lots of ways too. We would recommend filtering by your target audience, those who have visited multiple times, and those who have looked a certain key pages like a pricing, demo or contact page.


To achieve the best results, both teams should get together and define the lead generation strategy.


Then marketing can get to work attracting the right leads, preparing them and nurturing them along the buyer journey before passing them over to sales when they’re hot. Sales in turn will have a detailed history for each of these leads and will be ready and armed to tailor their strongest sales pitch before they even pick up the phone.

How does website visitor tracking fit into my content marketing strategy?

There are huge benefits to using IP tracking software when it comes to content marketing. When putting together your editorial calendar you will be able to see how new leads behaved, as well as current and past client behaviour. You will be able to analyse your website visitors to find out who they are, what pages they look at and what content is working. These insights can all help inform your future content planning decisions, so you can focus your time and efforts on what’s working to pull in the best leads and what’s taking them on to a conversion.

With the tracking insights you will also be able to measure impact and effectiveness far more accurately. They can reveal areas which may need looking at or refreshing, so you know every part of your offering is the strongest it can be. For example, if visitors are often exiting the site from a certain page, then you can look at that page and make improvements. And if certain types of content on certain channels are drawing in the strongest leads, then you can increase that activity.

At what point in the buyer journey is IP tracking helpful? 

IP tracking will provide valuable information for every stage of the buyer journey.

Awareness stage

This is when buyers are just starting to become aware that they have a need. If you are able to check your currently anonymous website visitors against your wish list of most wanted accounts, you can spot opportunities right away. Knowing which marketing activity is driving the right type of visitors is also going to help you streamline your efforts and maximise your return on investment.

Consideration stage

When buyers are in the process of gathering together information in order to make a decision and they land on your website, you’ll want to know who they are. With IP software you can find out who these visitors are, even if they are anonymous and never fill out a contact form. That gives you a huge advantage and means you never risk missing a potential lead.

Decision stage

As with the consideration stage, knowing who your anonymous website visitors are when they exhibit signs of getting ready to buy, but haven’t yet identifying themselves by downloading content or filing out a form, is really important if you are to ensure you never miss out on a conversion. The insights and information can help you provide the right information, at the right time to the right person. Imagine how valuable it would be for your sales team to know who had visited your contact us, or pricing page multiple times but hasn’t called yet.

Customer stage

Having insights into the behaviour of new prospects, but also existing and past customers, can help you keep on top of your relationships and to react appropriately when you need to. For example, you will want to know when your customers come back to your website and what they look at. This can reveal new opportunities. Once they are a customer they need managing in a different way with tailored information. IP tracking software can help you stay on top of this.

What is the best strategy to contact leads that haven’t converted yet?

With website visitor tracking you’ll never need to make a cold call to an unsuspecting prospect again. Instead, you can concentrate on those leads who have already been to your website. IP tracking will give you a clear idea about which organisations are looking at your website. However, you may not know exactly who it was within those organisations that visited your site. Since timing is everything, your sales execs can use the tracking information to make general calls and find out more about the company and who the decision makers are, etc.


What is the cost of not using this software? 

You will be best placed to answer this question, as it’s really about how much a sale is worth to your business? That’s ultimately what the software will help you achieve. Without the ability to know who has been to your site; to know that your marketing is working; to be able to make your sales approaches the strongest and most informed they can be; and to make sure every single penny of investment you are spending is being effective. What price would you place on that?


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