Tools & Timesavers: Are Lead Generation Companies Worth It?

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      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
      Simple set-up. No commitments. Get started today.

        Are lead generation companies worth it?

        The knowledge and passion you have for your business will always make you the best person to generate leads. However, outsourcing sections of the sales process can potentially help to relieve some of the pressure and help you streamline your sales pipeline. Generating leads is a difficult and time-consuming process, so you need to weigh up how much your time is worth.

        If you decide to go with a lead generation company, there are a lot of factors to take into account when choosing a provider. What are you expecting them to deliver? What KPIs will they measure, and how do these fit with your own priorities? Do they have expertise within your business niche? How responsive are they? What may it be like to work with them, are they going to be a good fit?

        The best lead generation companies cost a fair amount, due to the time, effort and skill it takes to generate high quality leads. But if the company excels at what it does, then the leads generated could be worth their weight in gold and will easily justify the cost, as well as freeing you up to concentrate on other things.

        If you’d like to read more about outsourcing your lead generation, check out our blog: when and how to use lead generation companies.

        What are the best lead generation tools

        Lead generation is a complex, time-consuming activity at the best of times. So, what can you do to save time and streamline the process?

        Fortunately, there are several tools on the market designed to help you do just that. For more information, check out our blog covering the must-have lead generation tools.

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        What is lead generation software?

        Lead generation software is designed to take as much pain out of the experience as possible.

        Lead Generation software is designed to automate as much of the process as possible – from capturing leads (often from forms and landing pages created within the tool itself), to segmenting them based on predefined parameters including which webpages they look at, what content they download and any other indicators which suggest their position within the sales funnel.

        Nearly all lead generation software can interface directly with a CRM, automatically adding details of new leads without the need for manual input. Most can also integrate with social media accounts, ensuring everything is aligned across all platforms.

        Using lead generation software across your business can also help to improve communication, both within sales and marketing teams and across the business as a whole. If everyone has access to the same information about customers and it’s easily accessible whenever they need it, then this will help better align teams with the wider company goals.

        The automated nature of the software ensures no time is wasted at any stage of the sales process. Combined with the increased communication and ease of access to information, the sales cycle can be shortened – especially when combined with software that aids with lead nurturing.

        You can find more information in this blog on lead generation software.

        What can Lead Forensics do for your business?

        Imagine if you could take control of your lead generation activity and convert sales-ready prospects, before your competitors even get close? Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website visitors, and turns them into actionable sales-ready leads. In real-time.

        Lead Forensics can:

        • Tell you who is visiting your website
        • Provide highly valuable contact information including telephone numbers and email addresses
        • Give insight into what each visitor has looked at, as well as where they came from.

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