Lead Forensics Awards 2022: And the winners are…

Lead Forensics Awards 2022 Winners

We're so excited to announce the winners of the Lead Forensics Awards 2022.

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Lead Generation Pioneer

And the winner is… McAree Engineering Ltd!

McAree worked hard on their lead generation tactics through Lead Forensics this year, and it paid off with over €200,000 in sales and a Lead Forensics award. As you’ll learn in their story, they combed through their Visitor List every day and used Lead Manager to track their prospects and capitalise on new traffic. Congratulations McAree!


Highly Commended: TOPdesk


Customer Success Hero

And the winner is… ZOLL Data Systems!

Zoll went above and beyond to support their existing customer base in 2022. Their winning testimony outlines how they used specific page tracking to learn more about customer behaviour, understanding upsell opportunities bassoon as they arose. We’re delighted to give Zoll the Customer Success Hero award for prioritising their customer needs and generating growth and uplift with Lead Forensics.


Highly Commended: Gerrie Electric Wholesale LTD


Sales Enablement Sensation

And the winner is… Standard-Knapp, Inc!

Change can be scary, but Standard-Knapp turned their rebrand and website launch into a sales opportunity with Lead Forensics. Segmenting hot leads and distributing them efficiently with trigger reports, Standard-Knapp’s generated some valuable results in 2022. Their team love the tools and we hope they love their Sales Enablement Sensation award, too. Congratulations, Standard-Knapp!


Highly Commended: Fuelwise Network Ltd


Marketing Team Mastermind

And the winner is… ID Technology!

ID technology put together a phenomenal entry this year, absolutely bursting with insightful details and impressive results. Tracking their SEO and PPC results on their website allowed their team to grow rapidly throughout 2022, until they multiplied their efforts by five. Congratulations, ID Technology!


Highly Commended: FitzroviaIT


SME Superstar

And the winner is… 4Marketing Solutions Ltd!

4Marketing joined Lead Forensics to identify key opportunities on their pages and as this award shows, they made a great choice. Their work in reinvigorating their cold pipeline and the resulting five-figure deals, completely won us over, and they won this award. Congratulations, 4Marketing!


Highly Commended: Empire Emco


Perfect Partner

And the winner is… Shortlist Marketing Ltd!

The Shortlist team created an exemplary entry to this year’s awards, and we couldn’t be happier about the partnership, success, and awards win. Shortlist integrate Lead Forensics insights with their CRM, use page view details to target their content marketing, track hundreds of PPC interactions and close hundreds of thousands of pounds in deals.


Highly Commended: Mercer-MacKay


Lead Forensics Power User (UK)

And the winner is… Unison Ltd!

Congratulations to Unison for another consecutive win in the Lead Forensics Awards. The way that Unison qualify their leads based on location and size, integrate them into their CRM and close them with the help of visitor information from their headquarters in Scarborough secures their victory as a Lead Forensics Power User (UK).


Highly Commended: Mosaic Fulfilment Solutions


Lead Forensics Power User (US)

And the winner is… Synergi Partners!

Synergi’s passion about Lead Forensics, their productive relationship with their CSM and their results in the US make them the perfect candidate for this year’s Lead Forensics Power User (US). Their sales team makes ample use of real-time trigger reports to support lapsed clients and ongoing deals, closing leads so valuable that they celebrate company-wide. Congratulations, Synergi!


Highly Commended: Magna5


International Innovator

And the winner is… Xerox!

We’re extremely proud of our relationship with Xerox and their award-winning international success with Lead Forensics in 2022. The company rolled visitor identification tools across their sales channels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, then generated 80% of their month’s leads with Lead Forensics and closed a deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Congratulations, Xerox!


Highly Commended: Turning Point HR


Thanks to everyone who entered!

Every Lead Forensics client, partner and team member deserves special thanks for their perseverance, innovation and achievements in 2022. Congratulations to our winners, highly commended entrants, shortlistees, and good luck for 2023.

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