Lead Forensics named #1 in UK for Marketing Account Intelligence by G2

Marketing Account Intelligence

We’re excited to share that Lead Forensics has been named the #1 Marketing Account Intelligence platform in the UK by G2 in their Winter 2023 reports.

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G2’s quarterly reports are determined by both market presence and user satisfaction to give a reliable picture of the best products available in the market. Lead Forensics beat companies including Cognism, Zoominfo and Apollo.io to take the top spot.

We also received twelve badges in this quarter’s reports – Read more here.


What users said about Lead Forensics this quarter

“We have seen €217K worth of business tracked through customers that have been identified through Lead Forensics – with 4 of these 6 customers generating repeat business.” – Peter R.

“There is one sure fire way to be able to link your marketing efforts to your sales team and that’s with Lead Forensics. Knowing what companies are on your website courtesy of the content you produce and then linking that to your CRM is a no-brainer and a tool that everyone should have.” – Chris D.

“I didn’t know who visit our website, but with Lead Forensics, I got a much better overview of which companies took an interest in our products. And also could see if the people we talked to on phone actually went and looked at our products later.” – Carl S.

“Our biggest challenge was rolling this out across our field teams with the sheer volume of information we now had access to, but we had fantastic support from the Lead Forensics team to build reports tailored to every individual’s needs.” – Becky C.

“I know what efforts are delivering the right or best results as well as giving me knowledge on who to speak to so I can have much more rewarding conversations when cold calling for new business.” – Kitty N.

“Lead forensics assisted me in staying ahead of my prospects and leads. It allows me to see which companies visited our site and their interest, measured by pages viewed, number of visits, and industry. ” – Catherine C.

“Being able to see companies aligned with our target avatar and then being able to follow these people up with an aligned sales process that is working. No longer do we have to rely on super cold outreach.” – Denise O.


Drawing on the world’s largest database of business IP addresses, Lead Forensics shows you who is visiting your website, along with contact details of key decision-makers and detailed website analytics. This way, you have everything you need to reach out to the right person, with the right information, at just the right time. Book your Lead Forensics demonstration here.

About Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a multi award-winning B2B website visitor identification software that eliminates the need for on-site inquiries and instantly increases website conversion.

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