Lead Forensics Named Finalists for Best Tech Innovation

Lead Forensics Named Finalists for Best Tech Innovation

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been named as a finalist in the B2B Marketing Expo Awards!

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The category we’ve been shortlisted for is ‘Best Tech Innovation’, which celebrates both innovation and excellence in marketing. We’ve been recognized as a leader in our field in ‘supporting and creating digital transformation’ and our technology has been highlighted as one with ‘groundbreaking potential for change’.

Our technology enables B2B companies to identify the anonymous traffic on their websites and provides accurate contact information which can be used to win new business, sell more to existing customers, win back lapsed customers and much more.

Congratulations go to our fellow finalists, PandaDoc and Capillary Technologies. The B2B Marketing Expo Award for Best Tech Innovation is one of only four prestigious awards available this year. The awards ceremony forms part of the B2B Marketing Expo in Los Angeles, California, which is the number one event in the USA for business marketing.

You can book your demonstration of the Lead Forensics technology here.

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