Lead Forensics volunteers visit Ipalo Christian School in Zambia

Lead Forensics Zambia volunteer team

Lead Forensics recently sent a group of 10 volunteers to the Ipalo Christian School in Zambia.

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The company has funded the construction of new facilities for the school in recent years, including six classrooms, two offices, and two amenities blocks.

The Ipalo School caters to 200 of the poorest children in the local area, making it an essential safe haven for them to learn. The school provides uniforms, food, books, and everything else they need for a successful learning environment.

A representative from Zambia’s Child said, “The Lead Forensics team has boosted our morale and has motivated us to work harder. The joy that we have is because of your giving.”

Zambia’s Child is a non-denominational Christian Organization, dedicated to helping alleviate poverty in Zambia through quality Christian education and community development.

Lead Forensics’ next mission for the school is to build more classrooms to allow more students to attend, as well as supporting the students to go on to university, all while sending more groups of Lead Forensics volunteers to help.

We are also raising funds for on-site accommodation for students, many of whom are orphans with insecure housing situations, to bring them a better quality of life.

Many of the Lead Forensics volunteers who went on the trip described the experience of visiting the school as life-changing.  Emyly Falcao, our Charity and Volunteering Executive, said the trip has given her a new sense of perspective and gratitude when it comes to her own life.

At Lead Forensics we encourage our employees to get involved with charitable causes, offering them dedicated volunteering days to help out charitable causes during work time in order to give back to communities both locally and internationally.

Previous Lead Forensics volunteer efforts have included litter picking, collecting for local food banks, and giving our time to help charities like The Rainbow Centre to improve their facilities.


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