Meet Chris Murray – Lead Forensics Brand Ambassador

Meet Chris Murray - Lead Forensics Brand Ambassador

We’re so excited to introduce our newest Lead Forensics Brand Ambassador… Chris Murray!

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Our brand ambassador program brings cutting-edge insights to businesses seeking to unlock their growth potential, working with influential voices in the B2B landscape. Our latest ambassador is none other than Chris Murray, the founder and Managing Director of Lucrum House.

“We’re so excited to be working with Chris as a Lead Forensics Brand Ambassador. His expertise in business development and sales coaching combined with Lead Forensics’ website visitor insights is a winning combination!”
– Lilah Waite, Chief Marketing Officer at Lead Forensics


About Chris Murray and Lucrum House

Chris Murray, a dynamic figure renowned for his accomplishments in the realm of sales coaching and business development, is the driving force behind Lucrum House. As a distinguished speaker, author, and business coach, Murray’s expertise has garnered him global recognition.

His accolades include being dubbed ‘The World’s Number One Sales Coach’ by the Sales Innovation Expo, earning a spot on LinkedIn’s Top 40 ‘Global Sales Experts to Follow’ list, and featuring among Thomson Reuters’ Top 30 ‘International Sales Experts and Influencers’.

At the helm of Lucrum House, Murray has cultivated an organization celebrated for its innovation and tailor-made training and development programs. These programs deliver tangible solutions across various business domains, contributing to enhanced effectiveness, productivity, and success for professionals worldwide.


About Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics unveils the identities of anonymous website visitors, equipping businesses with the insights needed to turn potential leads into valuable clients.

Through comprehensive data analysis, Lead Forensics empowers businesses to make informed decisions and amplify their online impact, ushering in a new era of targeted engagement and conversion.

About Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a multi award-winning B2B website visitor identification software that eliminates the need for on-site inquiries and instantly increases website conversion.

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