Meet Lead Forensics’ New Charity and Volunteering Executive

Meet Lead Forensics’ New Charity and Volunteering Executive

We’re very excited to introduce you to Emyly Falcao, our new Charity and Volunteering Executive! 

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Emyly will be focusing on building strong relationships with charities and non-profit organisations and helping our team to support their activities. She’ll be engaging with our people across the organization to promote wellbeing and to create a cycle of positive impact in our community and worldwide.

This is a new role, but Emyly is not a new face here at Lead Forensics. She started her contribution to the business over two years ago when she worked with our Marketing department as a contractor. She is passionate about people, technology, and the impact of innovation and how it benefits our modern lives.

Giving back to communities, both locally and worldwide, has always been an important part of the Lead Forensics ethos.  Since our launch in 2009, the company has worked with a number of important charities. This has included raising funds for Building Schools For Africa, MIND and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

All of our team receive two days per year to dedicate to charitable activities and through this we’ve helped to support Feed My Starving Children, Three Weeks of Christmas Wishes, Royal Navy and Marines Children’s Fund, Cash for Kids: Mission Christmas, Save The Children and The LifeHouse along with countless others.

Most recently Lead Forensics have funded the building of a school in Zambia with the charity Zambia’s Child.

We’re looking forward to the contribution Emyly will make in helping us to give back and advance our charitable activities.

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