Mike and Jordan’s 100K Run to Support Zambia’s Child

Dulux Race to the King 100k run around Goodwood

On June 17th 2023 Senior Sales Manager, Mike Messem, and Enterprise Account Manager, Jordan Hamilton successfully completed an impressive 100-kilometer run around Goodwood! They encountered lots of challenges but conquered all of them even at a 4,619 feet elevation.

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They undertook this challenge with the purpose of raising funds for Ipalo School in Zambia, and their incredible effort and determination have inspired us all.

With the money raised, we hope to create a new path for underprivileged children, offering them education and indispensable resources that would otherwise be out of reach. From uniforms and nutritious meals to books and a nurturing learning environment, Ipalo School empowers students who courageously face the challenges of poverty head-on.

At Lead Forensics, we believe in making a difference, whether it’s locally or globally. That’s why we have been supporting Zambia’s Child, the organization behind Ipalo School.

Since 2021, our dedicated team has tirelessly contributed to the construction of essential facilities. From classrooms and amenities blocks to a state-of-the-art science lab, an outdoor learning area, and even the installation of solar panels, we’ve played a significant role in transforming the educational landscape for the 200 children in attendance.

Thank you to everyone who has already contributed to Mike and Jordan’s 100K run. Your incredible generosity has helped us raise an impressive £1,615 so far. We truly appreciate each and every donation, no matter its size.

We kindly ask you to continue supporting Mike and Jordan in their remarkable efforts. Additionally, we invite you to join us in supporting Zambia’s Child by making a donation today. Your contribution will play a vital role in shaping a brighter future for these children. You can make a donation here and make a difference!

Once again, we extend a huge shout-out to Mike and Jordan for successfully completing this incredible achievement. Stay tuned for more updates on Lead Forensics’ ongoing efforts to give back.

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