Reverse IP look-ups: are they worth our time?

Though IP addresses have been a part of our digital world for some time, the ability to reverse their search function to discover the domain name is a more recent phenomenon. Reverse IP trackers allow organizations to identify the business networks visiting their website, offering exceptionally exciting data. But is it worth the trouble? What […]

Are you treating your business leads properly?

Recent studies have shown 69% of buyers don’t feel sales representatives meet their business needs on the first call. This points to one very sad but true fact – businesses aren’t treating their leads properly!

Engaging business leads: time to act?

Generating new business leads takes time and a refined strategy. Engaging your business leads at the right time is paramount to success – it can make or break your sales pipeline. But knowing when to act can be difficult.

Is buying business leads a bad move?

Business lead generation can be difficult, especially when you’re scrambling to set up last minute campaigns for a final push to reach targets. There is an easier way – you could always buy your business leads from a provider. But is it too good to be true…?

Is IP tracking legal?

Many B2B marketers use IP address tracking. It’s a popular solution, helping businesses gain a better understanding of their online audience and boosts lead generation success.

Can IP tracking software help my business?

IP address technology has now been around for decades, helping us to pass data between networks and access the online world. Though IP addresses are so deeply rooted in our digital dependence, many businesses remain unsure if IP address tracking software can genuinely help their marketing and sales efforts.

Are your business leads top quality?

Almost 3 in 4 businesses see generating high quality business leads as their biggest marketing challenge. It’s all very well generating leads a-plenty, but if they don’t drive new revenue and promote business growth, what’s the point?

Web analytics: your metrics to success!

With so many vanity metrics out there, businesses easily fall into the trap of over-measuring; with too many numbers to read, the wrong decisions are made, and result see detrimental effects.