Top 100 B2B Sales Leaders 2024

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Lead Forensics proudly presents the winners of the 'Top 100 B2B Sales Leaders 2024' awards. This list celebrates outstanding individuals in the B2B sales industry, who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic acumen, and a proven track record of driving significant sales achievements.

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The selection of this year’s top sales leaders was rigorously data-driven, derived from extensive research across our expansive database of B2B companies. By analyzing a comprehensive set of metrics, our team identified individuals who inspire and elevate their teams to new heights.

The ‘Top 100 B2B Sales Leaders 2024’ come from within a wide range of different industries including technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. They also represent companies from established multinational corporations through to fast-growing SMEs.

These sales leaders have demonstrated exceptional skill in navigating complex sales challenges and contributing to their companies’ sustained growth and success.

Congratulations to all the leaders who have made this year’s list!

Here’s the list of winners in full:

Paul Stoltz, Director, Head Of Sales And Partnerships, Walmart Inc.
Rachael Molinelli, Senior Enterprise Business Development And Sales Executive, Inc.
Jennifer Hollis, Associate Director Business Sales, Verizon Communications Inc.
Bryan Quinn, Director, Institutional Sales, Citigroup Inc.
Carl Elliott, Director, Sales Programmes – EMEA, HP Inc.
Rainette Sanders, Associate Director Of Sales, Merck & Co. Inc.
Aileen Caffrey, Managing Director, Global Corporate Sales, United Airlines Inc.
Michaela Giovengo, Director, Advertising Sales, Netflix Inc.
Rich Rao, Chief Sales Officer & GM Of Mid-Market+, Intuit Inc.
Eric Maldonado, SVP Global Head Of Sales, Chief Commercial Officer, S&P Global Market Intelligence, S&P Global Inc.
Dunivan Savage, National Sales Director – Equifax Workforce Solutions, Equifax Inc.
Katy Small, Associate Director, Sales Technology, Gartner Inc.
James Herro, Director, Global Partnership Sales, Milwaukee Bucks Inc.
Chris Gallagher, Chief Sales Officer, Pearson Packaging Systems
Natalie Depace, Chief Sales Officer, Network Distribution
Marc McCormack, Chief Sales Officer, Bailey Nurseries
Ross Bartlett, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), VJ Technology
Roy Cargiulo, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Keany Produce & Gourmet
Christine Bruton, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Walker Edison
Nathan Bliss, Chief Sales Officer, Kinsta
Rick Dell, COO/EVP Sales, Vertical Communications
Andrew Darcy, CTO & Sales Leadership, Advanced Systems Group LLC
Graham Hartlett, Chief Sales Officer – USA, HoSt Group – Bioenergy Systems
Tony Bowne, Chief Sales Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Fraza
Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), RIX Industries
Shawn Mclaughlin, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Health-Ade
Simon Barrow, Chief Sales Officer, Blue Motor Finance Ltd
Kelly Smythe, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), National Food Group
Kris Luhrsen, Chief Sales Officer, Venafi
Scott Goldberg, Chief Sales Officer, Dominion Payroll
Dominic Cristelli, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Velosio
Toby Tiktinsky, Senior Vice President Sales, Convergent Energy And Power
Phil Scott, Chief Sales Officer, Technetix
Mark Cross, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Culligan UK
Lars Djuvik, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Crealytics
Bill Prescott, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer – North, The Belknap White Group
Steve Tyrrell, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), FourNet
Radka Winwood, Chief Sales Officer, Optomi
Adam Bruttell, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), National Credit Center
Jeff Fenwick, Chief Sales Officer And EVP, LockNet
Tim Westbrook, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Stone Group Ltd
Martyn Ward, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), AutoRek
Mike Flanary, COO / VP Global Sales And Business Development, Universal Laser Systems
Jennifer Gallegos, Chief Sales Officer, Ready Foods Inc.
Parrish Snyder, Chief Sales Officer, OneCause
Michael Black, Chief Sales Officer, Doceo
Shon Turner, Chief Sales Officer, 1E
Ryan Calvert, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), South Coast Facility Services – SCFS
Doug Geers, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Bryan Equipment Sales Inc
Stephen Gold, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, SparkCognition
Cade Thornton, Chief Sales Officer, Stuart Hose & Pipe Co.
Curtis Meek, Chief Executive And Sales Officer, Shenton Group
John Cant, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, Engineered Foam Products
Erik Tapia, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, Tapia Brothers Company
Dean Thompson, Chief Sales Officer, HungerRush
Gordon Klepec, Chief Sales Officer, Safeguard By IBF The Go-to People
Michael Sher, Chief Sales Officer, Infinite Blue
Jim Ciortan, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) & Executive Vice President, Venminder
Tommy Savoie, Chief Sales Officer, IP Infusion
Lee West, Chief Sales Officer, RedCloud
Carl Weiland, Partner | Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, Weiland Inc.
Erik Bonn, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Vice President Of Sales North America, MicroSurgical Technology
Kim Cormier, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, RevenueWell
Luca Smuraglia, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), TrustQuay
Michael Crouse, VP Sales & Marketing / Chief Relationship Officer, Custom Business Solutions
Don Troshynski, CTO, Global Sales, 128 Technology
Carl Johnson, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Itential
Steve Bell, Senior Vice President Of Global Sales, Workspot Inc
Ketan Desai, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer At Precision Aviation Group, Precision Aviation Group
Megan Howe, Chief Sales Officer, Oversight
John McKay, President Of Sales And Chief Development Officer, RNWBL
David Osborne, Chief Sales Officer, Insightly
Chris Parks, CFO And Ecommerce Sales Manager, Lixit Corp.
Himanshu Kansara, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Avenir Digital Inc
Tom Crump, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Sync
Tillmann Schwabe, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Micro Merchant Systems Inc
Jerry Gildea, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Map Your Show
Susan Hathaway-Altman, Chief Sales Officer, AmTrav
Frank Leonard, Chief Sales Officer, MeetingPlay
Jason Macias, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Liongard
Greg Delgaudio, Chief Sales Officer, COSOL Asia Pacific
Steve Braverman, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Bigleaf Networks
Scott Benson, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Fluree
Maria Twigge, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), FlexMR
Clare Hammersley, Chief Sales Officer, ARKK
Ryan Bosworth, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), XDimensional Technologies Inc.
Jeffrey Moore, Chief Sales Officer, Artsyl
Chris Wells, Chief Sales Officer, Inceptra
Tyler Fagan, CEO And Director Of Sales, ParaTex Roofing & Construction
Neil Thomas, Chief Sales Officer, Prevedere Inc.
Richard Cabelo, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Seismic LLC
Greg Lewis, CSMO Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, EarthSense
Chad Sherron, Chief Sales Officer, DoseSpot
Beth Gantz, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Explorance
Ron Croce, Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales And Marketing And Chief Revenue Officer, Cirrus Data Solutions Inc.
Michael Lee, Chief Sales Officer, Agent IQ
Nishant Gautam, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) / Managing Partner, Syren Cloud Inc
Steve Pollenz, Chief Sales And Marketing Officer, Bell Techlogix Inc.
Cameron Mcelveen, Major Account Sales Director, Pitney Bowes Inc.
Bob Livesey, OEM Sales Director, Americas, Duracell Inc.


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