The Best of Essential B2B (Part One)

The best bits of the Essential B2B Podcast for the first half of 2023 (Part One).

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The Best of Essential B2B Podcast H1- Part 1

Hello and welcome to the Essential B2B Podcast brought to you as ever by Lead Forensics.  I am your host, Joe Ducarreaux.  This is a slightly different episode of Essential B2B today, we’re coming to the end of H1 so I wanted to reflect on some of the highlights we’ve had on the podcast since January this year. 

So without further ado, here are some of the highlights of the Essential B2B podcast.

Joe:  If there was one top tip you would like to leave my audience with today following our conversation.  What is the one golden rule you think they should take away from this.  

Allan:  The thing I would leave people with is that the best marketer wins every time.  Nobody knows how good your product or service is until they buy, they only know how good your marketing is.  So it’s incumbent on you to become a really good marketer.  So many times people complain or commiserate or whatever, I’ve got a better product than this other guy and he’s doing better than me.  I’ve been there and I’ve felt that and I’ve seen that so many times.  

The marketplace is not a meritocracy, I wish it was.  I wish firefighters and nurses got paid the most but  we know they dont.  You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.  So really as marketers what we are out there doing is negotiating and doing marketing that really hits with people because the best marketer wins everytime.  It’s not the best product, it’s the best known product and that’s really what we are out there to do. 

Joe:  Based on the conversation that we’ve just had Michael, what one top tip would you like to offer the audience of the Essential B2B podcast?

Michael:  I think this can be a tactic both for sales and non sales and that’s give before you take.  That’s what we always say.  In sales, this goes back to the negative reputation of salespeople, salespeople are always looking to take.  Think what you can give.   I noticed this about your company and this about you on Linkedin, would you be interested in this piece of content that can help with that.  When they say yes, you can start a conversation.   You’ve got off on that foot of reciprocity and it’s much easier to start the sales conversation with them.  When you’ve got someone in a conversation and you’re working a deal, think about what you can give them.  If they are hiring someone can you give them, can you make introductions.  Even things outside of sales.  I sell a lot to Americans and sometimes they will come to London and as well as meeting them for coffee I will give them tips of where to go in London.  

So think of what you can give in life, how you can serve others and naturally an abundance will come back to you, that’s just the way the universe works.    


Joe:  If people are going to take away one thing from our conversation here today Gerrard, what would that absolute golden rule be?

Gerrard:  In 2006 there was a mathematician named Clive Humby and Clive famously coined a phrase that is so true it’s probably why anyone listening today and us have jobs … .the phrase was ‘data is the new oil’. 

Clive was right, data was the new oil.  

Look at all of the technology companies just like Lead Forensics here.  Data will never go away, its importance will always be there but now we’re in a different phase of maturity and in that different phase of maturity where everyone is overwhelmed with information…..Trust is the new data.  So if trust is the new data, meaning not ‘how’ questions, ‘who’ questions.  I wrote this piece called Trust is the New Data, it’s a manifesto, it’s been read tens of thousands of times, it was probably my best piece from last year.  If trust is the new data, then where does trust come from?  Trust comes from helping people reach their promised land and people buy from people who have been to the places they want to go.   With that in mind, if you are not already thinking that way, that should change everything about how you build a brand and how you market.  You live in market, you don’t go to market.   


Joe:  What is the one key piece of advice for our audience on content creation?

Dilan:  Know your ideal client or customer like the back of your hand and you’ll never have to worry about marketing again.  Literally become their biggest fan and I learnt this in one of Tony Robinson’s conferences which cost around 10K, so save yourself 10K.   It is again, the (inaudible) analogy, if you really want to be a good partner you need to become the raving fan, the most important person in your partner’s life.   You want to really care about what they want, about what they desire, about what their goals and challenges are and this is not (inaudible) in content creation.  

Study your ideal client and then give them what they think they need or give them what they want. Then they are going to love you and they are going to love your content and they are going to give you everything you need. 

Joe:  Wanda, off of the back of this conversation, what is the one top tip you would like people to take away from this chat?

Wanda:  Like what we were talking about on the doable, just reexamining those things, asking those questions and not just assuming because things have been going a certain way that they are continuing to go that way.  Continuously asking yourselves what else can I do, what’s next for me, not getting too comfortable in whatever situation you’re in.  Whether that is about diversity or whether that is changing careers or taking on a new hobby, any of those things.  Just challenging yourself to not get too comfortable. 

Joe:  That absolutely speaks to a growth mindset wonderfully there, Wanda.  Fantastic stuff.

Joe:  Gabe, what is one top tip you would like people to take away from this conversation? One lesson you would like to impart on the listeners of the Essential B2B podcast?

Gabe:  You said something that I think is important for people to know that your job is a job and if you are in sales, it’s a job! Do the best that you can and if you feel like you’re not doing the best you can, then certainly reach out to other folks and invest time.  

You said something that worries me a little bit that if people are not taking the time to get out of their head, get out of their job and go and find the balance, you are not going to improve.  It’s just going to make things worse.  Whoever does whatever they need to do in order to get the ball across the goal line, certainly do that.  But if you’re not balancing that with your family, your friends, your recreational time, you are not doing anybody any favours.  Because you are going to be tight, you’re going to be stressed and your production is probably going to go down.  

So I think the one thing is you’ve got seven days in a week.  If you’ve gone 5-7 days without calling your friends or taking a walk or doing other things then do a check up from the neck up.  First of all, you can do it.  You can certainly take 10 minutes and call your Mom or call your friend.  You can take a 15-20 minute walk and get yourself back into a place where you can be more productive but you’ve got to find the balance.  You have to find the balance.  

Like I said I am very fortunate that I get to do it but I would not ever be as productive if I was not doing the things that really reset me.  

Joe:  I am going to ask you one final question Pete.  If you have one top tip that you would like to give the listeners of Essential B2B podcast based on the conversation that we’ve had today, what is that top tip?

Pete:  I think to do everything with integrity.  If you can go to bed at night, looking back at the day you’ve just had and genuinely feel at ease and proud of how you’ve greeted every single individual that you came across.  Whether you’re buying something from a shop or you’re talking to a customer or you’re checking in with your parents or family and just do everything with the right intent.  There’s a lot said for peace of mind and mental wellness in acting that way. I’m no guru but that would be what I’d say. 

Joe:  What is one top tip, one take away that you would like people who are listening to this podcast, watching the video.  What would you like them to take away from this conversation that we’ve had?

Alison:  When I got to the end of Smash-it, Kia and I went through all of the sections and went what’s our take away from this?   It’s all about a growth mindset.  To me life is all about having a growth mindset, if you do not know what that is I can recommend a brilliant book called Smash-it: The Art of Getting What You Want  that covers that.  But it’s all battling the voice in your head to overcome negativity, stay in positivity and (inaudible) to Smash-it.

Well there we go, some highlights from the Essential B2B podcast in 2023.  Remember to subscribe to the Essential B2B podcast and give us a 5 star rating where possible.  

We’ll be back next week with another of Essential B2B.