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The benefits of using a multi-channel marketing strategy


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In this video, I’m going to cover the benefits of using a multichannel marketing strategy.
95% of B2B marketers say they understand the importance of a multichannel approach, but only 14% have successfully implemented one.
A multichannel marketing approach uses a selection of direct and indirect communications to ignite brand interest and drive lead generation.
Multichannel approaches combine online and offline channels, effectively understanding how potential buyers must work through multiple touch-points before coming to a purchasing decision.
Most businesses already use multiple channels within their marketing department, but few strategize how these channels can be combined to produce an elite marketing approach.
Combining channels can be challenging and time-consuming- but the benefits of adopting a multichannel approach far outweigh this effort.

Let’s start at the end and talk about the multichannel effect on ROI.

Multichannel campaigns boost ROI by 24%, and year-on-year, those maximizing a multichannel approach see a 9.5% increase in revenue gained and a 7.5% decrease in cost per lead.
Look at it this way- you’re already investing in multiple forms of marketing, and they currently produce results.
It costs you nothing more than a little time, thought and effort to combine these performing approaches to gain an additional stream of new business opportunities.
If you’re already paying to use an email service provider, and currently producing regular content assets, why not combine these approaches to run an elite and valuable email campaign?

A multichannel approach also puts your prospect first, without you even trying!

Every prospect is different, and each of them will take slightly different action when researching your product or solution.
Combining marketing channels to ensure your brand is available on a wide number of online and offline touchpoints helps you reach potential buyers on whichever mediums are most convenient to them.
This approach is especially effective if you have a wide audience from many different industries and business sizes.
No matter where or how your buyers conduct product research to fuel purchasing decisions, a multichannel approach gives your business the best chance of capturing every possible lead.

A multichannel approach helps speed up your lead generation.

The average buyer needs to interact with your brand 35 times before they feel ready to speak to your sales team.
A multichannel approach focuses on both online and offline touch-points and helps potential buyers encounter your brand as often as possible, working through these 35 interactions at speed.
It’s like they can’t escape your brand, and subconsciously start thinking about what you do and how you can help their business.
Whilst employing a multichannel approach, your lead generation efforts speed up as potential buyers want to come into contact with your sales team quickly.
This approach gives your marketing momentum, helping prospects quickly convert into leads, and leads quickly become clients.

Multichannel approaches are easier to measure,

simply because they are carefully strategized, and there’s twice the number of eyes on them.
If you’re investing time implementing a new strategy, you’ll naturally take extra effort to ensure reports are properly prepared and consistently managed.
If your events and social media teams work together to drive a large event audience through social posting, both these teams are invested in this campaign. So, they’ll both be keen to measure results.
Attributing leads to social media is notoriously tricky. Perhaps your events or content team could help teach them a new approach?
The final multichannel benefit we’ll discuss is how this approach can help you control earned media.
Every organization can control their paid and owned media, from their website and social media profiles to PPC and direct mail initiatives.
But you can’t always control what others say about you in reviews, or through word of mouth- also known as “earned” media.
A multichannel approach helps your brand better establish a sense of credibility and expertise.
You have more chances to display the value of your product, ensuring a higher number of both prospects and clients alike feel positive about your organization, so media you earn is less likely to be negative and critical.
You’ll never have full control over your earnt media, but a multichannel approach helps secure a most successful and frequent stream of this valuable medium.
I hope you have enjoyed this video and better understand why a multichannel approach can be hugely beneficial to your B2B marketing strategy.
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