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Top lead generation tips for small B2B sales teams

B2B sales can be rough; a roller-coaster ride full of hard going ups, rocketing downs, and endless side-to-sides. And when you’re part of a small sales team, the going is even tougher. There’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done! If you focus on lead generation, you don’t have time to call your prospects and work your sales magic, but if you focus solely on working leads, you’ll soon end up with an empty pipeline. With budget guidelines to think of, the question of lead generation for small sales teams is a challenging one…


After a lot of thought and research, here are the answers! The top 5 tips- how small sales teams with limited budget can generate a reliable flow of high-quality leads. It really isn’t as hard as we all think, it just takes a clever strategy and some time management. Use these top tips, and you’ll soon see the results you’re after!


1) Focus on referrals-


Referrals are a secret gold-mine of lead generation that very few salespeople cash in on. Recent studies show 91% of B2B buyers would be happy to give referrals, but only 11% of B2B salespeople actually ask for them! Tap into your client base and ask about referrals- but go one step further, and ask for introductions.

Whilst it’s all very well approaching someone and saying “Joe Bloggs referred me to you”, you’re far more likely to spark productive conversation if Joe Bloggs himself introduces you to that referral. Whether over a conference call, in person or via email- an introduction is one of the strongest tactics for both generating fresh leads whilst also gaining credibility.

92% of B2B buyers trust referrals from people they know, and nine in ten final purchasing decisions are made with peer recommendations. The power of friendship (inside and outside of business) really can make a huge difference to small B2B sales teams. And best of all- it costs you nothing but good manners and a nice smile!

So get out there and ask for an introduction. You’ll be surprised how many leads you gain with ease.


2) Make the most of LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B marketers and salespeople alike; a cost effective way to network and learn about different prospects and their industries. It’s also a great place to generate leads! There are several easy, cost-effective ways to do this-


  • Sales Navigator direct messaging– An inexpensive add-on to LinkedIn, Sales Navigator allows you to seek out new leads that may be interested in your solution. You can send them direct messages about who you are and what you do to generate interest and engage in conversation. It’s a direct and professional approach, on a platform specifically designed to connect people that want to do business together.
  • LinkedIn Helper– Similar to Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Helper boosts your profile and brand awareness, by automatically adding connections, endorsing and messaging them. There’s a daily limit, so it doesn’t get out of hand, but as it can run in the background whilst you’re on a call, it’s a great way for small sales teams to broaden their network and generate interest.
  • Group Sharing– LinkedIn is full of groups, where people in similar job roles or industries gather to discuss current events and common challenges. This is a great place to get involved in the discussion and share some information about your solution, and how it can help. Posts shared in LinkedIn groups have been known to generate leads of high-quality, which have a conversation rate of over 85%! Need we mention it’s free for all LinkedIn users?


3) Look into automation


I know automation is often seen as a marketing tool, but for small sales teams, it can be a great time-saver mainly because it needs very little human input to produce results. There are plenty of automation options, all with varying costs, so whether you just automate follow up emails to LinkedIn connections, or you start a nurture program with different workflows to guide leads through the pipeline, it all saves you and your team precious time whilst generating leads.

Check your budget and ask the question- what tasks could be automated, that currently eat up time? Work together to plan areas you can automate, then look to the market and see who can meet your budget. There are plenty of options out there for sales driven SMEs, so get looking!

The numbers are in favor too, as almost 70% of teams using automation to carry out at least one sales task have seen positive benefits in their daily activity.


4) Optimize your website


This may seem like an odd thing to say- especially to a B2B sales team. Whether you’re responsible for your website or not, your business will pay regularly for website upkeep- so make sure you’re generating leads from it too! There’s plenty of information on website optimization here– but for now, here are the essentials!


  • Make it easy to use– Navigation above appearance. Over 75% of B2B buyers want a website that’s easy to navigate, and as you’ve only got 6 seconds to show them why you’re the best, you want to make sure they find what they came for quickly and easily! An “on-brand” appearance is key to maintaining professionalism and consistency, but only 10% of B2B buyers see the appearance of a website as “vital” to their buyer journey.
  • Use strong CTAs– On every page, before the fold, have a clear and concise call to action. Make sure whatever page your visitors land on, the option to get in contact with your sales team is right there in front of them. Get rid of any distracting pop-ups and crazy arrows while you’re at it; the right call to action on a web-page can increase lead generation by over 60%! So make sure it’s clear, concise and powerful.
  • Make it mobile friendly– Somewhat obvious, but so easily forgotten. 50% of B2B online searches now occur on mobile devices, so whatever layout and design you choose, optimize properly for conversions by making sure your website has a quick loading speed and looks great on every device!


5) Use a lead generation solution


Arguably the best quick-fix for leads, is to invest in a lead generation solution that does the hard work for you, so you can reap the benefits. However, for this to work, you want to find a solution that generates leads of high-quality, that you as salespeople are keen to contact because you know they have an interest in what you’re selling. How about calling all of your website visitors? You know they’re interested, as they’ve taken time out to have a look at your brand and what you offer.

That’s what Lead Forensics allows you to do. See what businesses are visiting your website in real time, and have access to information such as:


  • Business name, address and phone number
  • Names and email addresses for key decision makers
  • How they found your website, pages viewed and duration of visit. 

This means you can have key decision makers on the phone seconds after their website visit, and tailor your approach based on the pages they viewed on your website. Why not book a free demo of our software, then we can show you how easy it can be to generate fresh, sales-ready leads!


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