Building a High Performing B2B Sales Team

Is your sales team as effective as possible?
Is there any room for improvement?

Join us for a conversation with returning Lead Forensics webinar guest, Tyler Witt, as he details exactly what makes up a High Performance Sales Team. We’ll discuss fostering a positive culture, and give actionable insights on what you can do to ensure that your team is powering ahead and firing on all cylinders!

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🔍 What You’ll Discover:

🚀 Creating a Stellar Work Environment:
Uncover the first crucial steps to build a team where employees proudly champion your brand.

🧠 Skills & Qualities of Successful Salespeople:
Dive into the attributes that make a salesperson thrive, from a high IQ for efficient learning to emotional intelligence and adaptability.

🤖 AI’s Impact on Sales Roles:
Gain strategic insights into the synergy between AI and emotional intelligence in sales.

🏆 Characteristics of Exceptional Sales Leadership:
Understand the dual role of sales leaders: hitting targets and maintaining high team morale.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reflect on your sales team’s tactics and reset for the year ahead!
Join us Thursday, January 18th to supercharge your sales team and attack 2024 with renewed enthusiasm!

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