Building Exceptional Rapport

This webinar features expert advice to help you build rapport with new and existing clients to leverage the best results from your sales calls.

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During this 30-minute virtual-live session, we discussed the benefits and actionable techniques to build lasting relationships with clients from businesses along the sales timeline from start to finish. With Tyler’s vast experience and proven results, he will explain the tricks of the trade that preparation and personality can level up a salesperson’s calls.

This webinar is one of our most popular, previously attended by over 3,000 Sales professionals - we didn’t want you to miss out, so we’ve revised and updated it to give you another chance to catch it!


• Identifying what rapport is and why it is so important
• How to build rapport with existing and new customers
• What things to look for in your sales call prep
• How to leverage information to guide a call

Key Speakers

Gary Gower

Partnership Development Manager

Lead Forensics

Tyler Witt

Senior US Sales Manager

Lead Forensics