Digital Frustration: the thorn in a B2B buyer’s side

B2B marketing in 2022 is different. In a post-pandemic world, the way we do business in B2B has completely changed, and marketers are failing to keep up with the digital demands of their buyers.

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The stats are eye watering…

Over 62% of buyers cannot get the information they want via digital means easily

38% find that B2B brands are unresponsive on social media

57% find digital services to be impersonal and slow

The buying journey of B2B customers has completely changed, forever, and digital frustration is on the rise. Marketers are being forced to reassess all their digital touchpoints, and yet pulling an increasingly diverse digital infrastructure into a consistent and coherent online experience, is not an easy feat.

We’re lucky to be joined by some of the best minds in B2B marketing, who have been working to overcome the digital frustration challenge. We welcome you to join us for this panel debate to understand the strategies others are employing to overcome digital frustration, and how they are installing new digital outlets as well as seeking to optimize their existing digital infrastructure.

During this 45 minute session, you will:

Discover what other B2B marketers are doing to reduce digital frustration
Find out why CRO is fundamental, not just on your website
How and why to tackle each touchpoint, separately and yet consistently
How to map your digital infrastructure – and create a plan to optimize
Discover how to identify the digital touchpoints that you don’t even know you have, but are causing frustration to your audiences
From this webinar, you’ll take away actionable tips that will help you to improve your buyer’s digital frustration. Whether you are new to digital marketing or a digital marketing guru, you will be guaranteed to take away some helpful insight.

Get a coffee, settle in and join us for what promises to be a really interesting 45 minute quick fire discussion.

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