Expert Tips to Slay your B2B Sales Calls

During this 30 minutes webinar, we covered the seven critical elements that your B2B sales calls should have to ensure that you take your prospects on a journey, securing the result that you want at the end – a sale! Whether you are new to sales, or someone who has been around the sales block, there’s always an extra tip or two that will help you to maximize your results and your return from your sales efforts.

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This webinar, presented by Matthew Hall, a highly experienced B2B Sales Leader with over 10 years in the field, will provide you with actionable tips and practical techniques to overcome the common sticking points cited by almost all B2B sales professionals.

Join them as they discuss practical tips and actionable techniques to build better rapport, control your calls and ultimately sell more often and secure higher AOVs – all with the aim of boosting your business contribution and your earning potential!


• How to build an excellent rapport and be irresistible
• What to include in your value proposition
• Why tone, belief and enthusiasm can make the difference between winning and losing
• How, when and why to deliver your call-to-action
• How to prepare and when saying nothing is more powerful than saying something.

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Key Speakers

Matthew Hall

Sales Leader

Lead Forensics

Lilah Waite

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Lead Forensics