Getting Past the Gatekeeper

We’ve gathered expert tips from across the sales spectrum to help you to get past the gatekeeper, to reach more prospects and to enable you to engage in many, many more valuable sales conversations – maximizing your productivity, reducing frustrating unconnected time, and boosting your sales revenues (and your commission!).

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During this 30 minute virtual-live session, we cover the seven essential tactics you need to skyrocket your sales opportunities and give you expert hints and tips to maximize the return from your sales outreach.

This webinar, presented by Matthew Hall, a highly experienced B2B Sales Leader with over 10 years’ experience in the field, will provide you with actionable tips and practical techniques to overcome the common sticking points cited by almost all B2B sales professionals.

You will discover:

1. How to leverage all of the information at your disposal – even the information you didn’t know you had.
2. Methods of differentiating your message, and how to try things a little differently.
3. Ways to reach your decision-maker in the shortest possible time.
4. How to handle objections like a pro!

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Key Speakers

Matthew Hall

Sales Leader

Lead Forensics

Lilah Waite

Group Chief Marketing Officer

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