How Marketing is Losing You Deals You Should Be Winning (And How to Fix It)

In this webinar, we explore the biggest mistakes that B2B companies make: assuming that having a great product or service will automatically lead to sales. We delve into the reasons why this assumption is flawed and discuss the importance of brand awareness in closing deals.

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You will gain insight on:

🎯 The percentage of target accounts that are typically in the marketing

🔍 How to use intent effectively

📢 Blueprints on how to ensure that your brand comes to mind early in the process

🤝 The recommended approach to closing more deals faster

✅ The benefits of contextual targeting

📊 Strategies for identifying the companies most likely to be in-market

By the end of the webinar, you will have a better understanding of how to increase your share of mind with target accounts, how to stand out in a crowded market, and how to close deals more effectively.

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