How to rock your marketing world (and results) with humanized, real-time engagement

The average B2B business takes 2.4 days to respond to marketing-generated opportunities, and yet attention spans are decreasing; we're consuming content faster than ever before, and everyone is used to working at a hyper-fast rate, often, now via video call. Learn how humanization can help you to cut through the noise and get results.

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During this panel discussion, we cover:

1. How to engage fast
2. Why to be human at every stage
3. Digital marketing tips from teams that have nailed it
4. Quick wins

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Key Speakers

Sam Dunning

Sales Director and Co-Owner

Web Choice

Kate Cox

Head of Marketing


Roger Edwards

Marketing Author and Consultant

Roger Edwards Marketing

Shane Redding

Marketing Consultant

Think Direct

Lilah Waite

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Lead Forensics