Killer Social Media Strategies for 2024

Are you maximizing the potential of your social media?
Do you know what your social strategy is going into this year?

Join us for a conversation with Christina Garnett, formerly Principal Marketing Manager for HubSpot and now having struck out on her own, for a conversation that is guaranteed to help you plan your social media and boost your results.

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Don’t miss out on:

🚀 Navigating the B2B Social Media Landscape:
Explore the evolving landscape and discover the critical elements that will shape an effective strategy for the year ahead.

📱 Platform Focus:
Delve into the discussion on the platforms that demand your attention. Learn why LinkedIn, Instagram, and Threads are essential battlegrounds and explore how to tailor your content for maximum impact on each.

🔍 Optimizing LinkedIn Profiles for Success:
Understand the importance of clarity and optimization, and discover how utilizing creator mode can enhance visibility and engagement.

🤖 AI’s Growing Role in Social Media:
Explore how AI can elevate your social media game by providing deeper insights, analyzing sentiment, and enhancing accessibility through innovative techniques like image recognition for alt text.

Don’t miss this chance to revamp your B2B social media strategy. Register now and join us for tips and tricks going into 2024!

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