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What do B2B buyers really care about?

As we enter another year of uncertainty, it is more important than ever before to understand the needs of our potential B2B buyers and customers. After what has been a turbulent year for businesses all over, it is understandable that a number of companies are reluctant to put their hands in their pockets. As spending budgets shrink, buyers are in need of a solid reason to make a purchase — now, and in the long-term. Let’s explore exactly what B2B buyers are really looking for in 2021 — and what sellers, marketeers and customer experience professionals need to do to drive success.

Effective communication builds buyer trust

Communication plays a vital role in buyer decisions — helping to build confidence and increase trust in your business. So, consider building rapport, fostering relationships, and adding a human approach to your sales and marketing communications. In 2019, as many as 80% of B2B buying decisions were based on customer service, and just 20% were based on price or the offering, according to BlueCorona. And remember, communication needs to be consistent and effective throughout the buyer journey, too. Forrester Research found companies that take the time to properly engage and nurture leads improve their results by 50%, while spending 33% less.

Honest and transparent messaging is a must

According to ZDNet, almost nine out of ten Americans believe business transparency is more important than ever before. And, 85% of consumers are likely to stick by a business during a brand crisis if it has a history of being transparent. So, being open and honest with your clients and potential buyers, in 2021 and beyond, should be part of your wider business strategy. Consider this when it comes to your sales approach, your marketing content, and your core business messaging. Avoid shady sales tactics and ‘clickbait’ content marketing; instead, opt for helpful, easy-to-digest content that informs your buyers and accurately reflects your business.

The right content for the right audience

BlueCorona found that more than half of all B2B buyers look at eight pieces of content during the purchasing process. So, it’s important to get it right. According to Statista, B2B marketers say articles, blog posts, white papers, and videos are the three most valuable content marketing types to move prospects through the sales funnel. Consider this when it comes to your content strategy — and use your own analytics to better understand what your audience is interested in. What do they best respond to? Are they viewing content on a smartphone or a desktop? Remember, your content must be designed with your ideal customer in mind.

Personalization is still powerful

According to 99 Firms, almost three quarters of buyers expect B2B companies to personalize their communications. And, four in five of the companies doing so report an uplift in results, according to Econsultancy. Try segmenting your potential customers based on shared similarities — be that sector, size, unique selling point, location or online behavior. Then, create content, campaigns, landing pages and online experiences that meet the needs of these segments — and deliver them directly to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

The demand for real-time engagement

According to Brevet, between 30% and 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. So, instant communications and a culture of immediacy are powerful in the B2B world — providing organizations with a competitive edge. Real-time responses and an effective lead response management process can revolutionize your business and transform forgotten inquiries and lost leads into instantly engaged prospects. To develop a culture of immediacy, with real-time follow-ups at the center of your strategy, you must first employ a culture of customer-obsession across your entire business.

Lead Forensics, for example, alerts users of their website visitors as they land, providing them with the advantage of perfect timing and a supercharged buyer experience. Invest in high-end technology with strong integration possibilities and real-time alerts to help you stay a step ahead of your competitors, reach out  to website visitors while they’re still in ‘buying mode’, and deliver high-priority, qualified leads seamlessly throughout across your teams.

You can listen to ‘What do B2B buyers really care about?’ on The Lead Forensics podcast.

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