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Why should your business invest in Lead Generation Software?

To step up and compete in the 21st century, B2Bs need to be ahead of the game when it comes to their sales and marketing strategy. Long gone are the days of just targeting customers at the top of the sales funnel and trying to get heard through all the noise.


Businesses are now working harder and smarter to drive the right leads, to nurture them and to close the deal. And a key tool that can transform the way businesses work, and help turbo charge the sales process, is lead generation software.

As a business operating in today’s digitally-driven world you are likely to have a company website that you use to generate enquiries. Visitors coming to that site will include potential customers but only 2% of your website visitors will actually go on to make contact with you. That means that 98% of visitors are coming and going without making an enquiry, meaning you have no way of knowing who they are.


You may have a form of analytics in place, but that will only reveal the numbers, such as how many visitors you’ve had and how many reads a particular page has had. It won’t give you details about individual visitors and what they’ve been doing on your site.


Lead generation software, which is based on the ability to track ‘IP addresses’ (the unique number assigned to a computer when it accesses the internet), offers a solution.


Tell me more – what is IP tracking, and why do I need it?


With Lead Forensics software you can find out more about who your B2B website visitors are, even if they never fill in a contact form. It is incredibly simple to use and can provide you with a range of invaluable data and insights that will enhance both your sales and marketing activity. These insights can put you ahead of your competitors and allow you to strategically target the hottest leads.


Tell me more – what data can you view with lead generation software?


Using the software you will be able to view details of the companies that have visited your website, even if they never make contact with you. And we’re not talking about getting a report a few weeks down the line. The information will be available in real-time, so you have actionable data to work with.


You will also be able to see what each individual did when they were on your website, from how they found it in the first place, to when they visited, what they looked at and how they moved around the site. So you can time your call, and your sales pitch, to perfection.


Tell me more – what are the key benefits of using IP tracking software?


Historically, marketing departments used to pass on the names of potential buyers. It was then the sales team’s job to contact those buyers and slowly build a rapport. This would often take time and many rejections because these ‘buyers’ may not actually be qualified leads.


But there’s nothing worse than having teams investing time and money nurturing leads that go nowhere. IP tracking can massively help when it comes to qualifying leads and can put an end to cold calling – another huge time and energy waster.


B2B buyers nowadays have more information than ever at their fingertips. This means that before they even speak to a sales person they are likely to be well-versed in the product or service. With the information available from Lead Forensics, sales teams will be ahead of the game in understanding who each lead is and being able to research and shape their sales pitch before picking up the phone.


It can equally help maximise marketing ROI by highlighting web pages and content that is working, and what’s not. It can provide insights that can be used to track a buyer from their first click through to a sale, helping teams measure, adjust and strengthen the sales process. It can also provide insights that can be used for nurturing and spotting when is the right time for a lead to be passed over from marketing to sales.


Tell me more – how are companies benefiting from the software?


From start-ups to global enterprises, thousands of organisations are already reaping the benefits of using Lead Forensics’ software. From turbo-charging their lead generation, to transforming their sales funnels and generating a serious return on investment.


Companies from across a broad spectrum of industries reveal the top 10 benefits they’ve found:


1. Achieving a fantastic ROI

2. Can identify prospects early on with real-time information

3. It reveals the identity of anonymous website visitors so no leads are ever missed

4. Receive valuable website usage insights

5. Gain the ability to tailor each sales call

6. Never needing to make a cold call again

7. Gained information that supported a strategic and informed website redesign

8. Can pinpoint exactly where each lead is in the buyer journey

9. Can spot opportunities to upsell to existing customers

10. Feel they have gained a clear edge over competitors



As you can see, there are a number of benefits to lead generation software. If you want to understand more about your customers, improve the efficiency of your sales process and improve your return on investment, then speak to the team about a free trial.


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