Using IP Tracking Software to Improve Lead Response Times

Grabbing every hot lead you can and successfully converting them is what B2B sales is all about. But even the hottest lead can quickly go cold if it’s not picked up early enough. So it’s no surprise that sales teams are doing everything they can to ensure a speedy response time.

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From intelligent work management methods to the latest digital tools, it’s about having a system in place that’s as streamlined and efficient as possible. That includes having all team members fully on board and using the CRM, plus making the most of software and technology to automate processes, reduce admin, and overall help sales to focus on what they do best – landing the deal.

IP tracking software

IP tracking software is one of the most effective digital tools that teams can use for grabbing and reacting to leads. The software works by tracking the unique number assigned to each computer when it accesses the internet. By adding some simple code to a website, when a B2B customer visits the software it can identify the business and provide relevant contact details and visitor information, even if they haven’t completed a ‘contact us’ form or made themselves known.

Thanks to Lead Forensics’ comprehensive database, a detailed picture can be created of exactly who has been visiting the website, including what they looked at, how they first came to find the website, how they moved around it, and a whole host of other invaluable information. Find out more about how Lead Forensics works in our blog.

But it doesn’t stop there. The benefits of using IP tracking are huge. From uncovering every potential lead to spotting opportunities to upsell to existing customers, being able to strongly tailor marketing content and seeing which pages of the website are working or in need of more attention. Not to mention never needing to make a cold call again.

And when it comes to lead response times, you can be straight on the phone. With the software, you are able to set up an alert so you know when a top target prospect has landed on your website. You’ll also be able to find out when an amazing lead you know is hotting up has started giving off signals that they’re ready to buy. IP tracking means you could be on that phone within minutes, giving you a real edge over competitors and that all-important ‘perfect timing’.

The detailed information IP tracking gives you means you are not only calling at the right time but, with the right approach – one that is based on insights about the lead, who they are, who their company is and their behavior up to that point.

Getting the most out of IP tracking

As with any software, the best results will always be achieved if it is being used to its full potential. IP tracking can generate a lot of information, so customizing the system for your own company’s requirements is vital.

There are three key steps that you can take to ensure maximum success:

1. Define your qualification process

Start by being clear on your definition of what a good lead will look like and how you are going to qualify them. The most effective way to do this is for sales and marketing teams to sit down together to agree on who is the ideal client, what criteria you’ll use to qualify them and what signals a lead may send out that they are now ready to buy. Once this information is clear you can use it to customize the system.

2. Customize and automate

Using your lead qualification process you can then refine and streamline the process by setting-up automatic actions within the Lead Forensics software. This includes automatic categorization of web visitors based on key criteria you select, so ‘hot’ leads will be quickly flagged up for example. Also, the setting up of email alerts when certain website visitors come to the site, and triggers for reports and reminders.

3. Log in regularly

Finally, make sure you are making full and regular use of all the real-time information. For marketing it is a treasure trove of analysis, offering insights into individual marketing activities and content effectiveness. By looking at who exactly is visiting your website and what they are looking at, you can see what’s working and if you’re generating the right type of leads. For sales, looking at the daily visitor lists and hottest opportunities and picking up the phone within 24 hours of a lead’s visit to the website is a route to success and will be the end of the need for any cold calling.

IP tracking in action

So is it time to consider a free trial and see what it could mean for your business? Since turning to IP tracking, these customers have never looked back.

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