Best Workplaces for Women: Lead Forensics named in 2022 list

Best Workplaces for Women - Lead Forensics named in 2022 list

We are excited to share that Lead Forensics has been recognized in Great Place to Work’s list of the UK's Best Workplaces for Women 2022

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The Best Workplaces for Women list is based on anonymous feedback from female employees who reported on their workplace experience, and their representation in the workforce and management. The award, now in its fifth year, showcases the best workplaces for women based on a number of criteria including culture and support for career progression.

The brand-new report issued for 2022 states: “These organizations work hard to ensure people aren’t discriminated against, create fair access and advancement for all, and foster a sense of value and empowerment in employees.”

Some of the other companies which were recognized in this year’s report include SalesForce, Adobe, Hilton and DHL.

This marks the third accolade Lead Forensics has received from Great Places to Work in 2022, having been named in their list of the UK’s best workplaces, and best workplaces for wellbeing earlier this year.

Lilah Waite, CMO at Lead Forensics, said:

“We strive to be a diverse and inclusive workplace for everybody, so to be recognized on this list is fantastic news. We have exceptional women working across every department at Lead Forensics, breaking boundaries and excelling in roles that are typically male-dominated. We’re proud to have created a culture at Lead Forensics that recognizes talent regardless of gender.”

Great Place To Work is a global authority on workplace culture with over 30 years of data and research on what makes a great company culture. The full report on the UK’s best workplaces for women includes best practices for all businesses to adopt to ensure that they are creating great workplaces for women.

If you’d like to learn more about life at Lead Forensics, keep an eye on our YouTube channel for in-depth interviews highlighting some of the women excelling across our B2B organization.

See the full list and download the report here.

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