Lead Forensics volunteers help out Autism Hampshire

Lead Forensics volunteers help out Autism Hampshire

Lead Forensics employees recently put in a tremendous effort to help out Autism Hampshire. A group of 11 volunteers from our Portsmouth office helped to open up the garden, create spaces where people could sit and enjoy it, and make a motivational area for users to do some gardening of their own.

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The team worked tirelessly to clear up the area. They chopped down a large tree that was blocking the garden, dug out all the roots, and reworked a raised bed to remove all the weeds and replant the roses in new soil. They also trimmed and cut overhanging trees, stripped back ivy, removed old plants and weeds from a long flower bed, and planted new flowers.

The team even painted the fence, recut the bench to make it level, and washed down the patio to restore it to its original sandstone colour. Their hard work paid off, and Autism Hampshire was extremely grateful to the team for their efforts.

In addition to the amazing work done by the Lead Forensics team, it’s important to note the significance of the charity they were helping out. Autism Hampshire, based in Whiteley, Hampshire, has nearly 50 years of expertise in supporting autistic adults and young people. They offer a range of services to meet the diverse needs of autistic people in the area, including training, supported living services, mentoring for university students, and community groups for autistic adults.

What sets Autism Hampshire apart is their direct services to hundreds of individuals, as well as providing community-based support and crisis intervention to over 100 families each year. They also have an Information, Advice and Guidance Team that responds to an average of 12,000 requests for help each year. Other services include a Local Autism Directory, a Seminar Programme, and award-winning community projects such as their Autism Alert Initiative.

By volunteering their time and effort, the Lead Forensics team not only helped to improve the garden, but also contributed to the valuable work that Autism Hampshire does for the community. Lead Forensics is proud to help out charities both locally and internationally.

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