Using demand generation in your marketing strategy

Like your marketing strategy, an effective demand generation plan should include achievable goals, measurable outcomes and specific objectives. Its primary aim is to raise awareness, improve reputation and, in turn, ensure your target audience wants to make purchases with your brand. Your digital marketing efforts and demand generation activity should be closely aligned, working towards […]

Demand generation campaigns that can boost your business

Generating demand for your business is pivotal to your organization’s overall success. The more people trust, engage with and become aware of your brand, the better chance you have of converting leads and winning new business. But, how exactly do you do it? There are numerous demand generation tactics to choose from — and the […]

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Lead Forensics: success stories ⁠— stamp of approval from bakergoodchild

Lead Forensics: success stories is a series of news articles where we explore and showcase a number of uses, client wins and case studies from our leading B2B software solution. Keep up to date with how industry leaders are utilizing the technology to achieve the most. At Lead Forensics, we care about our customers achieving […]

Latest content alert: the demand generation takeover

The Lead Forensics: Latest content alert is a series of articles that highlights the subjects we’ll be exploring on our business blog, throughout our eBooks, and in our video marketing material. Discover handy infographics, top tips, and checklists, too. Watch this space to find out what to expect, and how to find the content to […]

How to use demand generation and lead generation together

While seemingly similar, demand generation and lead generation have some key differences. However, for a new business strategy to be effective, businesses need to ensure they implement both. They complement each other, and when executed well, can help generate high-quality, high-value customers for your business. Essentially, all of your marketing efforts work to raise brand […]

B2B sales secrets: working with remote decision makers

  Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics educational video. Elevating your marketing and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing and sales leaders.   In this video, I’ll be providing you some insight into working with remote decision makers.   Working in B2B sales isn’t easy at the best of times.   But, […]

How will the new ePrivacy Regulation affect B2B lead generation?

“Putting data protection at the center of digital business strategies is the key to improving trust and digital growth.” — Steve Woods, Deputy Commissioner, ICO   As marketers, staying on top of changes to data compliance should be deeply rooted in what you do every day. Back in 2018, organizations faced the data compliance giant […]

From demand generation to leads: a step-by-step guide

Generating interest in your organization, turning interest into leads, and leads into customers is how businesses gain new clients. Implementing an effective demand generation strategy is the first place to start — without creating brand awareness, potential customers will not know anything about your organization, products or services. When it comes to B2B marketing, this […]

Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics: Festival of Marketing

Behind the scenes at Lead Forensics is a feature that gives us the chance to showcase the ongoings at the lead generation software company. From activities and charity ventures to the faces behind the brand, get to know all things LF!   As a team of passionate marketers, we are thrilled to be making our […]