How much are your leads actually worth?

The success of any business, no matter what its size or the sector it may be operating in, is going to depend on one thing – sales. Without a company’s products or services being bought, there simply is no business. So retaining customers, driving repeat business and converting leads into sales is vital for success. […]

Top 15 success hacks for modern sales execs

When we discussed the best B2B sales strategy for 2016 and beyond, we looked at it from a company viewpoint. But as a sales executive facing today’s savvy buyers, what steps can you take personally to help you close more deals and achieve super healthy figures? The problem is cold calling just doesn’t work as effectively […]

The ultimate B2B event tool kit

As part of your account based marketing (ABM) strategyyou’ve decided to host your own private and exclusive event. It will be a great opportunity to wow existing clients and move those hot leads even further along the pipeline. Congratulations, you’re already one step ahead of the competition! These small and highly specialized events can act as […]

How to smash your account based marketing targets

An account based marketing (ABM) approach is one that targets specific named accounts. These accounts may be companies you want to land as a new customer or existing clients you want to keep hold of and grow in value. This type of approach naturally lends itself to targeting larger businesses over a longer period of […]

Why consultative selling is essential in a digital world

One of the hottest topics in business circles right now is ‘what do sales teams need to do to be successful when faced with today’s buyers?’ Because things have changed – in large part down to the growth in online – and focus has shifted away from the product and onto the customer themselves. What […]

How to choose the perfect CRM for your business

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C, one of the most valuable and potentially lucrative tools that you can buy in for your business is a customer relationship management system (CRM). Find the right one and the best fit for your business and it could help transform your bottom line. A great system should do exactly […]

How effective social media lead generation works

Using social media to directly sell to people and generate leads isn’t easy, no matter what business you’re in. And one of the biggest traps B2Bs can fall into is to use their sales figures alone as the only measure for working out ROI. The truth is, the single greatest return you should aim to […]

Networking like a pro (on and offline)

Networking remains one of the most effective ways to make new contacts and drum up potential leads – if you do it well. For some, forging new relationships in this way is something they relish and thrive on. They are in their element within a networking setting.   But if you cringe at the thought […]

Turning up the heat on a cold contact list

For most people working in sales and marketing, having to hit a cold contact list from time to time is just something you have to do. It’s not always fun and you may groan at the thought of it, but it is likely to come with the territory.   For salespeople new in their roles, it may even […]