Lead Forensics for marketing

Lead Forensics enables you to capture more of the demand that you’ve created. This gives you the ability to target businesses with messaging based on their interests - in real-time.

Power your marketing campaigns with your own ‘first-party intent’ data and see the uplift in your results.

Your own source of ‘first-party intent’ data

It’s a fact that not every company that visits your site will be ready to buy, but they will be engaging with your content.

We can identify the companies that are interested in your products or services using agreed criteria and our automation can route them into your existing marketing software for nurture.

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Personalization for previously anonymous prospects

With Lead Forensics you’ll know which pages your prospects visit, so you’ll be able to include them in automated nurture or communications strategy with hyper-personalized content to move them through the early stages of the buying process.

Power your marketing automation software with this data and you’ll capitalize on opportunities you didn’t know you had.

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Boost the ROI of your Pay Per Click Campaigns

Standard analytics provides you with information on the numbers. Lead Forensics gives you names. We provide contact details of the companies that have clicked on your ad - and for paid search we can even tell you which keywords they used to find you and send this information directly into your existing tech stack - in real time.

By having access to your own ‘first party intent’ data, you’ll be able to instantly reach out directly to prospects you would have missed. If you’re spending significant amounts on PPC and need to improve your ROI, Lead Forensics is the perfect technology partner for you.

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Hyper-personalized ABM at scale

If you’re running Account Based Marketing campaigns, our website visitor automation will give you the full picture of what your target accounts are looking for.

Our software identifies when target accounts visit your site and then automatically routes relevant intel to your CRM or MA system. We’ll even set up alerts for you so the right people in your business can reach out in real time.

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Marketing prospects

If you want to grow your database of warm leads to nurture until they’re ready to buy, our software can identify a steady pipeline of opportunities from your web traffic.

If your business submits RFP or tenders, Lead Forensics can show you when the interested party is taking a look at your site for more information.

When you use our ‘Automate’ plan, our intelligent automation enables us to determine if the prospect’s details are currently in your CRM or Marketing Automation system and can append key info or create a new record.

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Marketing Attribution

Every click, every impression. Our solution gives best-in-class insight into influencing points and attribution across the buying journey for individual target accounts.

Enhance marketing insight by understanding which opportunities have visited your website from which campaign. Fuel your marketing automation strategies with highly-engaged campaign respondents.

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