Converting Social Interest into High Intent Website Visitors

OK, so you’ve got a decent online social footprint, you’ve caused a buzz with your latest campaign, your meme even went viral – but how do you convert all that social buzz into something meaningful for your business?

No longer confined to B2C, done right, social media can be an excellent revenue stream for all B2B businesses – during this webinar, we’ll tell you how.

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During this 30 minute virtual-live session, we cover the nine critical factors to consider in order to translate that social buzz into tangible and quantifiable website visitors and then more importantly, how to convert those visitors into interested prospects and onwards to valuable sales. Once you’ve laid the solid foundations of an effective social media conversion engine, the sky is the limit in terms of the opportunities available to your business.

This highly-rated webinar, presented by Peter Auton – an experienced B2B Digital Marketing Leader with over 10 years in the field, will provide you with practical tips and actionable techniques to help you establish a highly successful social media engine, with quantifiable business results.


1. How to influence and control social journeys.
2. How to boost your followers and engage your audiences.
3. Why it is important to have tangible social goals and how to set them.
4. What pipeline conversion expectations you should have and how to maximize your social engine.
5. How to best convert and monetize your social audiences alongside the tools you need for success.

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Key Speakers

Peter Auton

Head of Digital Marketing

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Lilah Waite

Chief Marketing Officer

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