Mastering the art of social selling

Social selling is on the rise, and with more than 50% of revenue in B2B generated by social sales, if you’re not doing it, you are about to be left behind.

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We have the privilege of hosting some of the best social sellers out there for this 45 minute panel discussion, during which they will be letting you know how they have mastered the art of social selling. This session will be quick fire, packed with tips and practical takeaways that you can implement into your social selling strategy straight away.

Social selling isn’t just about posting regularly, there are complex algorithms that will determine whether your content is seen or whether you will simply blend into the 2 billion other social posts that are made every day. Whether you are clueless about social selling, have dabbled a little or are an advanced social seller, this session is guaranteed to give you some new ideas to boost your results.

With over 84% of C-level personnel citing that they are influenced by social media when making a purchasing decision, it is impossible to ignore just how integral social selling should be to your game plan.

During this session, you will:
Hear from experienced social sellers
Understand the content that drives engagement
Get insight into the platforms that will drive the greatest cut through
Learn what metrics you should measure (and what you should not)
Discover the tools to help you
Get tangible tips to stand out and get yourself noticed

If you are in sales, marketing or business development, you need to know how to master social selling, so go get a coffee, settle in, and let us show you how.

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