The secrets of B2B sales and marketing innovators

While the key principles of sales and marketing still provide a solid route to market, there are plenty of innovative ways to enhance your customer experience, make your brand stand out and deliver results. So, how do you stay ahead of the curve without spending too much time trialing multiple tactics and tools? Find out more from our panel of experts...

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Our panel discuss:

1. Why innovation looks different for different businesses
2. Building a personal brand
3. Listening to customer needs
4. Making it personal
5. The changing buyer journey

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Key Speakers

Alison Edgar MBE

Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

'The Entrepreneur's Godmother'

Michael Hanson

CEO and Founder

Growth Genie

Marlen von Roth

Sales Director Clouod EMEA


Georgina Quinn

Head of Inbound Marketing

Lead Forensics