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Build a B2B sales and marketing technology stack for 2021

Even the very best B2B sales and marketing teams can’t survive on skills and determination alone. Behind every high-quality B2B organization is a technology stack that supports, supercharges and empowers its team to thrive. As we rapidly head towards the end of 2020 and start planning for 2021, it’s time to assess your current technology stack. Do you have everything you need to secure the strongest results? Are you optimizing time, resources and budget where possible? Let’s go back to basics and explore the fundamental technology you need at the heart of your business to keep up with the best of them.

Slack: for quick business communication

Radicati found that more than 205 billion emails are sent across the globe every day. And what’s worse — only a third of them are opened, according to Text Request. Sifting through hordes of emails and writing lengthy replies is time-consuming for your team members. In 2021, make it easy for your team to have conversations in real-time — no matter where they’re working. To enable effective communication between teams and other departments, an instant messaging tool is vital. Slack is a leading business chat room designed to replace emails and enable your organization to communicate quickly with groups or individuals, organize channels for specific projects and share files.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: for advanced social selling

LinkedIn is the ultimate networking tool for B2B sales representatives. Its Sales Navigator function is a paid-for sales solution that amplifies the platform’s capabilities and helps B2B sales leaders achieve maximum success. From advanced lead and company search to custom lists, and extended LinkedIn network access to Lead and Account recommendations — LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers something for everyone. With more than 500 million business users across 200 countries, LinkedIn should be central to your sales strategy. And with additional, effective filters and tools, you can find your ideal customers and use social selling techniques to boost the chance of conversion.

Salesforce: the reliable CRM system

A single view of the customer is vital to B2B success; to deliver high-quality customer experience, keep track of leads, effectively nurture, personalize to and convert customers, and improve your sales cycle. That’s exactly what Salesforce provides — helping your business thrive across one platform, with everything you need all under one roof. Say goodbye to siloed marketing and sales — and welcome a seamlessly integrated CRM system into your business with open arms. According to Nucleus Research, the average ROI for CRM software is $8.71 for every dollar spent — and Aberdeen Group found that effective sales organizations are 81% more likely to be practicing consistent CRM usage.

Webeo: for powerful personalization

Personalization was the marketing buzzword of the year back in 2019. If you haven’t already invested time, budget and resources into delivering personalized experiences at scale — you risk losing out to competitors with a more advanced marketing strategy in place. In fact, according to Epsilon, as many as 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand that provides personalized experiences. Webeo is a leading website personalization software that transforms your static B2B website into an engaging, personalized online experience based on the visitor’s IP address — tailoring the content, language, imagery, greetings and calls-to-action to meet their needs in real-time.

Google Analytics: free website performance data

It’s easy to use; it’s free, and it provides you with simple yet effective insight into your business website. Whether you’re hoping to optimize your site for search engines, improve your conversion-rate, identify your best performing referrer channels or gain insight into your most popular on-site content, Google Analytics can provide you with the answer. While it won’t tell you who your visitors are, it can give you excellent intel into how engaging your website is and whether or not your marketing activity is effectively driving high-converting traffic to your site — a great way to ensure you’re optimizing your budget and targeting the right audience.

Lead Forensics: for instant lead generation

Last but not least — innovative lead generation technology is an effective way to transform your entire approach to generating new business opportunities. Lead Forensics supports B2B marketers by maximizing campaign ROI, providing advanced analytics and instantly increasing conversions, as well as empowering B2B sales teams to reach out at the right moment, personalize their follow-ups and keep their pipelines topped with engaged website leads. The software also integrates seamlessly with any CRM — so not only will you generate leads in real time, but you’ll also benefit from aligned departments, improved lead management and no need for complicated integration processes.

Lead Forensics is intelligent B2B lead generation software that reveals the identity of your previously anonymous website visitors to instantly generate business leads. It works by utilizing intelligent reverse website visitor tracking technology and a global leading database of business IP addresses to track your website visitors, reveal their identity and notify you in real-time. Users are provided with the business name, contact details of key decision-makers and detailed website analytics. This way, you have everything you need to reach out to the right person, with the right information, at just the right time. Book your Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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