Bay MarketForce increase lead generation by 500%

500%increase in appointments booked

6 figureclient acquired

$500kworth of new business

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About Bay MarketForce

Bay MarketForce is a lead generation agency that focuses on new client acquisitions. They rely on their market strategy process to develop highly-profiled and relevant lists of prospects to be used by Sales Development Representatives.

As well as using Lead Forensics within their own business, Bay MarketForce use it on behalf of their clients to help them secure new business.

The Challenge

Bay MarketForce wanted to bring more value to their clients by having a tool that helped in the lead generation process. They also wanted a way to categorize the intent of their prospects to give them a clearer idea of who they should be prioritizing.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics instantly notifies Bay MarketForce’s SDRs when someone from their call list visits the site and what they’re looking at, allowing them to prioritize that lead. They also use the data from Lead Forensics to track their marketing efforts, see where new visitors are coming from, and evaluate whether or not their message is reaching the right people.

The Result

Historically Bay MarketForce had a 7% success rate when it came to setting appointments. However, when they use data acquired through Lead Forensics, they are 5x more effective, with 39% of activities resulting in appointments.

This then filters down to actual sales figures. In fact, in the last three months, Bay MarketForce has secured a six-figure client through a Lead Forensics identified visit. Not only this, but recently they used Lead Forensics for one of their clients to identify a new prospect which has directly resulted in a new $500,000+ annual spend customer for the client.

Historically we will set appointments with a 7% effective rate. In other words, 7% of our activities result in appointments. However, when using lists developed through LF, we are 5x more effective with 39% of our activities resulting in appointments. It makes a huge difference. We wouldn’t be without it.
Jeff Schommer, EVP Sales & Co-Founder, Bay MarketForce

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