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About Chemique Adhesives

Chemique Adhesives is a leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial adhesives and adhesive application equipment. With over 35 years of experience, they provide specialist bonding solutions to a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, composites, construction, foam, furniture, transportation, and more.

The Challenge

Chemique Adhesives faced the challenge of identifying and capitalizing on potential leads visiting their website. They needed a solution that would not only help them capture these leads but also save time by streamlining the process of tracking and organizing visitor information.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics offered Chemique Adhesives a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to their lead generation challenges. Our software enabled them to see all visitors to their website, ensuring they didn't miss out on any potential leads.

We also provided a dedicated Customer Success Manager who was always on hand to answer any questions and offer support. The setup of trigger reports within the Lead Forensics portal further streamlined their lead identification and follow-up process.

The Result

By implementing Lead Forensics, Chemique Adhesives experienced a significant improvement in lead generation and visitor tracking. They gained valuable insights into their website visitors, allowing them to identify and engage with potential leads more effectively.

The user-friendly portal and the support of the Lead Forensics Customer Success Manager made the process seamless, while the trigger reports saved time and increased efficiency.

A positive experience with Lead Forensics. What I like is the simplicity of the portal and having regular contact with our Customer Success Manager, who is always on hand to answer any questions.
Jennie Mayou, Marketing Executive at Chemique Adhesives

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