Sealing the Win: Drei Bond's Formula for Lead Generation Success

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About Drei Bond

Drei Bond specializes in highly effective adhesives, sealing materials, oiling, and greasing. The company offers chemical solutions, application systems, and dose machines to its customers.

Their goal is to support customers as an innovative partner with sustainable and technological offers in their respective markets, strengthening their competitiveness.

The Challenge

As a major player in a competitive industry, Drei Bond faced the challenge of identifying and engaging new business leads ahead of their competitors.

The sales team at Drei Bond needed a tool that would streamline the process of lead generation and save time and resources, ensuring that the team could focus on building strong relationships with potential clients.

Our Solution

Drei Bond implemented Lead Forensics, a powerful lead generation software that provided the sales team with a comprehensive Visitor List feature.

This enabled the Drei Bond team to view and analyze relevant information about potential leads, easily identifying promising prospects for their business.

Lead Forensics assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager to Drei Bond, ensuring that they received the highest level of service and support throughout their journey with the software.

The Result

With the help of Lead Forensics, Drei Bond successfully streamlined their lead generation process. The software helped them find new leads quickly and easily, significantly reducing the time and resources previously spent on this task.

By utilizing the software's powerful features, Drei Bond was able to identify, engage, and convert new leads more efficiently than ever before.

Lead Forensics is helping us find new leads with barely any effort. Saves us lots of time. I really like the layout and UI.
Severin Brandl, Drei Bond GmbH

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