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About Embryo

Embryo is a digital agency that drives innovation, growth, and development for its clients across various industries such as finance, automotive, tourism, manufacturing, and e-commerce. With a talented team, Embryo leverages several digital channels, including SEO, PPC, paid social, and digital PR, to help its clients dominate their online space.

The Challenge

Embryo faced a common challenge in today's digital landscape: converting website traffic into meaningful leads. They were running a variety of campaigns and generating plenty of traffic but needed to turn it into something more tangible that their sales and marketing teams could leverage.

Our Solution

The company decided to adopt Lead Forensics, a software that would provide a more proactive approach to their marketing and sales efforts. By analyzing the data on their website, the software helped the company categorize different departments and industries and create targeted campaigns that would be more likely to succeed.
The Lead Forensics software is used by the marketing department to analyze the website data and find out which industries were visiting the site. This allowed them to create targeted campaigns and content that would be more relevant to the target audience. The sales team uses the software to follow up on leads generated by the marketing department.

The Result

The adoption of Lead Forensics allowed the company to be more proactive in their targeting, serving what their target audience wanted based on the data obtained from the website. This led to a significant improvement in their marketing and sales efforts, as they were able to create content and campaigns that were more likely to succeed.
By analyzing the website data and creating targeted campaigns, the company was able to improve their marketing and sales efforts, leading to a positive impact on their overall business.

Lead Forensics is a game-changer. We've seen a significant boost in our sales and marketing efforts, with more conversations and increased activity leading to more business. It's had a positive impact on every aspect of our approach. The platform is incredibly user-friendly and despite its depth, it's easy to navigate. I appreciate that I can experiment without the fear of causing any major damage. It's truly a testament to the platform's simplicity and stability.
Charlie Meyler, Brand Content Strategist

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