Evans Transportation Services win a $300k contract using Lead Forensics

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$300kcontract won


1000extra lead opportunities in 6 months

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About Evans Transportation Services

Evans is a full-service provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers with headquarters in Brookfield, WI.

The Challenge

The company faced a number of challenges when trying to turn web traffic into new business. Only a small percentage of the prospects on their site typically filled in a contact form, so they were missing potential customers.

Sales cycles for large contracts in the transportation and logistics sector are also typically long, with lots of work going into closing deals. However, the team had limited information on what their website users were doing, where they’d come from, and how long they viewed each page - all useful information for the sales and marketing teams.

Our Solution

Evans Transportation Services decided to use Lead Forensics as our software was able to identify anonymous website traffic and provide important business and user information - enabling the commercial and marketing teams to follow up with more prospects.

The company uses HubSpot to manage relationships with customers and prospects, and use the dedicated Lead Forensics integration to power this CRM software, filling it with new opportunities and gaining valuable insight on each one.

The Result

Within six months of using the Lead Forensics solution, Evans Transportation Services had won a contract worth over $300,000. The team was particularly impressed as the contract was won very quickly.

In their first six months of using the Lead Forensics software, Evans Transportation Services have received over 1000 brand new leads to follow up, so the team now has access to a much larger sales pipeline.

The integration with HubSpot also enables the team to save time as the software works seamlessly, enabling the Evans Transportation Services team to use their existing workflows.

Prior to partnering with Lead Forensics, we had no visibility or awareness of our website’s traffic. Thanks to the Lead Forensics team, we are now able to monitor the traffic on our website and identify the companies that are visiting. This has been very helpful as we track the success of our marketing efforts and digital campaigns. We look forward to creating new customer relationships due to the intelligence provided by Lead Forensics!
John Conrad, Chief Commercial Officer

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