How Filame doubled their leads with Lead Forensics

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50%increase in lead-to-prospect ratio

912companies identified a month

86PPC visitors identified a month

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About Filame

Filame are a Belgian-based manufacturer specialising in manufacturing a range of tailor-made wire, spring, and sheet metal components. Their group of companies produces millions of components annually, and they support swift delivery across Europe, supplying a range of industries from automobile to medical devices.

The Challenge

A lot of Filame’s products are so specialized and precise that they need to find the perfect client for each type, and find the perfect type for each client. This means lead generation on a product-by-product basis and identifying new industries they can expand into. Even when they have the leads, it’s tough to qualify them for sales before understanding more about them and their precise needs.

Our Solution

With more information about visitor behaviour thanks to Lead Forensics, Filame run two specialized sites. They use conversion trackers to show which of their many products catch their visitors’ eye. Based on their activity, industry, and size, Filame then categorize the prospects to support their next steps.
They review each lead, and qualify whichever visitors are ready for their sales team. Whenever they determine a visitor’s potential to convert, they reach out and make contact.
Filame also generate a monthly PPC report, allowing them to closely track their ROI.

The Result

Since using Lead Forensics, Filame have closed big clients in new industries and supported their existing name-brand partnerships.
They supply manufacturing components to high-stakes customers like airports and medical laboratories and provide parts for big players in the European auto industry like Audi and BMW. With Lead Forensics, they have increased the ratio of lead to prospect by 50%.

Our strategy works best when the data flows smoothly between our teams. Lead Forensics supports this drive, especially as we share the necessary data between our sales and marketing teams through our CRM. We have seen a massive jump in lead generation since using Lead Forensics, along with new relationships and our existing client base, which makes Lead Forensics an important part of our strategy going forward.
Jean Gabriel, Managing Director

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