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Helwig Carbon is the premier American-owned manufacturer of carbon specialty products, serving several industries and providing outstanding customer service.

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About Helwig Carbon

As the premier American-owned manufacturer of carbon specialty products, Helwig Carbon has a fantastic brand name within several industries. However - capitalizing on high web traffic is difficult if the prospect wasn't already in their CRM.

The Challenge

Helwig Carbon wanted something to provide high-quality leads to their Salesforce CRM – leads that were driven by end-users actively searching for the products they manufacture, not just random visits without depth.

They were also looking to create a more proactive approach and wanted tools that could help them build stronger, less reactive methods.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics' two-way integration with Salesforce means that automated alerts for prospects that align to target personas and industries can be delivered to individuals within the Helwig Carbon team in real-time.

These alerts, alongside the data found in the Lead Forensics dashboard, mean the entire team can be more proactive in their approach - speaking to prospects that they otherwise would have missed out on.

The Result

Lead Forensics provided the ideal platform by allowing Helwig Carbon to see who was on the website, what they were looking for, and how long they spent there. Following up immediately helped the team reach many end-users in the “buying mode” first.

Additionally, the software gave the means to grow the business, provide better ROI from the website, and energize our sales team.

"Lead Forensics has provided us with the means to grow our business and get better ROI from our website. It has also energized our sales representatives. They love receiving the quality leads generated from Lead Forensics."
Tom Leunig, Business Development Manager

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