McAree Engineering boost sales by €217K Using Lead Forensics

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€217Krevenue generated

66%of customers generated repeat business

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About McAree Engineering

McAree Engineering Ltd is a leading sheet metal fabrication company based in North Monaghan, Ireland. With a team of over 160 experienced professionals, McAree Engineering offers a one-stop-shop solution for all outsource sheet metal requirements, including design, metal processing, fabrication, painting, and assembly.

The Challenge

McAree Engineering needed a solution that would help them determine which visitors to their website were following RFQs or sales inquiries, as well as which landing pages were most successful.

They also needed a lead management and tracking system that would allow them to share information with their management team.

Our Solution

With Lead Forensics, the team at McAree Engineering were able to identify visitors to their website and determine how far along their purchase journey they were. This allowed them to tailor their marketing and sales efforts to better serve their customers and prospects, and generate more business.

The software helped McAree Engineering to determine which landing pages were most successful, providing valuable insights into what was working on their website and what needed improvement. Lead Forensics’ Lead Manager tool also enables the team to share relevant information with the management team.

The Result

After implementing Lead Forensics, McAree Engineering saw significant growth in their sales. The company gained €217K worth of business through customers that were identified through Lead Forensics, with four of these six customers generating repeat business.

Overall, the use of Lead Forensics has had a significant impact on the success of McAree Engineering, providing the tools and insights they needed to streamline their sales process and grow their business.

After reviewing our progress every month, the results became clear. We have seen €217K worth of business tracked through customers that have been identified through Lead Forensics - with 4 of these 6 customers generating repeat business.
Peter Richardson, Sales and Marketing Manager

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