How MPA secured a 720% gross ROI with Lead Forensics

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720%gross ROI secured in first 3 months

2bespoke integrations built into workflow

20+industries tracked in custom reporting

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About MPA

MPA is a professional services business that specializes in all aspects of innovation. Utilizing their expertise and experience, MPA provides everyday business needs – including accounts, logistics, recruitment, payroll, and dealing with HMRC.

Founded in 2007, MPA is now one of the leading companies providing R&D tax credits; and diversifying to offer support across all aspects of business innovation.

The Challenge

Working across dozens of use cases, MPA needed a solution that could give them a head-start when working with new prospects, saving them time in research and cutting to the chase fast. In the same way, MPA was looking for a solution that could automate data distribution so that the right people were seeing the right info in real-time.

Our Solution

Lead Forensics' custom reporting allows our users to set up alerts when the right type of client had landed on your website, telling you who they are, which industry their from, what they've been looking at while on your site, and so much more. For MPA, this saved time, effort, and money.

The Result

Across their three key business areas - retention, growth, and cost control, Lead Forensics plays a vital role in MPA’s daily interactions. While client services are able to review the online behaviors of existing clients, MPA is also able to route data intel captured by Lead Forensics to their sales teams via seamless integrations into their CRM and Martech platforms, in turn allowing them to generate new pipeline and revenue.

Our sales teams reach out in real-time, can add web visitors to a nurture or inbound workflow; or instantly engage with a follow-up communication or meeting request. Lead Forensics also enables us to review the effectiveness and relevance of our paid advertising and marketing campaigns. We can analyze, maneuver, and leverage spend in better ways – something we’ve not been able to do before - across these campaigns or across the business. Lead Forensics has empowered us to become much more efficient with our marketing outlay.
Lucy Sanderson, Marketing Manager

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