How Lead Forensics secured £1M worth of business for Oktra

25%of Oktra's leads come from Lead Forensics

Over £1Mworth of business secured

1/3of the marketing team's revenue target is achieved through Lead Forensics

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About Oktra

Oktra are an award-winning office design company with offices across the UK, who aim to create spaces that inspire people to do amazing things. Their projects range from designing small spaces to full office refurbishment

The Challenge

Oktra came to Lead Forensics because a large proportion of their website visitors were not inquiring. They wanted to know who was on their site, what brought them there and what they were looking at.

Our Solution

Once Lead Forensics was in place on Oktra’s website, those anonymous website visitors became prospects with names, job titles and contact information.

Oktra added this data into their CRM and used it to nurture the prospects, using detailed insights from Lead Forensics to personalize their approach based on the pages they had been viewing.

The Result

Since bringing Lead Forensics software into the business, 25% of the leads that are captured come from Lead Forensics. To date, they have secured over £1M worth of business as a result of using the software.

We have been using Lead Forensics for almost 10 years now. It has been a huge asset to our marketing efforts over the years, with around 25% of the leads coming into the business attributed to Lead Forensics.
Jamie Levon, Head of Digital at Oktra

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