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About Parry and Evans

Parry and Evans are recycling specialists with over 60 years of experience in the industry. They bring expertise, professionalism, and environmental care to wide-reaching sectors from retail to education and beyond.

The Challenge

Almost every company requires recycling services, so Parry and Evans needed more insights to sort through their leads and find the most valuable prospects. They also wanted to expand their digital marketing campaigns on social media. To run effective campaigns, they needed data to direct their efforts and validate their campaigns once they got underway.

Our Solution

Using Lead Forensics, Parry and Evans can see which companies are visiting their site, even if they don’t inquire. Logging into the portal at least once a day ensures they’re keeping track of the latest visitor trends, supporting their lead generation and marketing efforts. They then pass all new leads onto their in-house sales team, who use a comprehensive three-channel strategy to develop these leads using phone calls, emails and LinkedIn.

The Result

Lead Forensics is now fully incorporated it into Parry and Evans’ workflow, and in the year they’ve been using Lead Forensics, over 12% of the leads Parry and Evans generated have converted into customers.

The results speak for themselves. We've generated almost 300 leads from Lead Forensics in the past year alone, and we've converted over 12% of those companies into valuable deals.
Lea Campbell, Project Manager at Parry and Evans

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