Turning Up the Volume (of Leads): PUI Audio's Success Using Lead Forensics

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About PUI Audio

PUI Audio is a leading provider of high-quality audio components and innovative custom solutions. With a unique design approach and a strong emphasis on world-class customer care, they have built strategic partnerships with Medical, Industrial, Security, and Consumer Electronics manufacturers for over 42 years.

The Challenge

PUI Audio sought to increase the number of Request for Quotes (RFQs) and sales, but lacked crucial insights into the companies visiting their website and consuming information.

This information gap made it difficult for them to identify potential leads and understand where and how to develop their business across different regions.

Our Solution

PUI Audio chose Lead Forensics as their lead generation and analytics platform, using its capabilities to gain deeper insights into website visitors and their activities.

Lead Forensics enabled PUI Audio to identify the anonymous companies visiting their website, understand their interests, and tailor their sales and marketing strategies to better target these prospects.

The Result

By using Lead Forensics, PUI Audio were able to effectively reach out to potential clients, generate more RFQs, and ultimately drive sales growth.

They were able to pinpoint the regions and industries where their products were most in-demand, allowing them to optimize their marketing efforts and allocate resources more efficiently.

The platform provided valuable insights into the interests and needs of potential clients, which empowered the sales team to engage with prospects more effectively and close deals faster.

PUI Audio's use of Lead Forensics has resulted in a more targeted approach to lead generation, optimized marketing efforts, and increased sales.

Excellent platform for lead insights. The team involved has been supportive from day one. We can gather data to develop our business across regions and pass along lead insights to our sales team.
Erin Ruef, VP of Marketing, PUI Audio

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