How Lead Forensics helped Selmach Machinery generate over £100,000

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>£100kin business generated using Lead Forensics

3,696visitors identified in six months

140reports generated a week

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About Selmach Machinery

Selmach Machinery is part of the UK Machinery Group, a well-recognized market leader supplying all types of metal working machinery, with an established track record of distributing high quality fabrication, sawing, engineering, and sheet metalworking machines for some of the biggest manufacturers worldwide.

The Challenge

Selmach Machinery had a lot of businesses visiting their website and browsing their products who weren’t making a formal inquiry, so they had no way of capturing their data and following up with website visitors.

Our Solution

UK Machinery Group have alerts configured that send leads from their website to each business within the group based on location, so they only get relevant leads. Each team receives detailed information on each visitor including the content they looked at on the site, how long they spent on the website and how they got there.

The Result

With Lead Forensics in place, Selmach Machinery are able to follow up with website visitors even if they don’t inquire, which has led them to close over £100,000 worth of business.

As a company we've been using Lead Forensics for several years, and have found it incredibly useful. We've been able to use it to identify new potential customers, and reach out to them and current customers via cold calling and generated additional leads and sales as a result. Over the years it's generated £100,000s of business for us, and is therefore well worth the investment.
Dave Hargest, Marketing Manager at Selmach Machinery

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