Delivering Success: How Lead Forensics Helped Speedy Freight Stay Ahead of the Pack

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About Speedy Freight

Speedy Freight is a national courier service that operates a 24-hour courier network, providing same-day delivery, end-to-end logistics, and international shipping solutions. Speedy Freight keeps business supply chains moving day and night, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Challenge

In the highly competitive courier services market, Speedy Freight faced the challenge of standing out from the crowd and winning new business. With limited information about potential customers and their needs, the company needed help to proactively reach out to them to meet their specific needs.

Our Solution

To overcome this challenge, Speedy Freight turned to Lead Forensics, a real-time website visitor tracking and analytics software solution. Lead Forensics allowed Speedy Freight to track website visitors and identify companies that were interested in its services.

By providing detailed information about these companies, including their industry, location, and website activity, Lead Forensics enabled Speedy Freight to proactively make contact and win new business.

The Result

By using Lead Forensics, Speedy Freight was able to gain a competitive edge. The company was able to identify potential customers and their needs before they even made contact, which allowed Speedy Freight to get in ahead of their competitors.

In doing so, Speedy Freight successfully differentiated itself in a crowded market and secured new business opportunities that might have otherwise gone to competitors.

It is a way of knowing people's needs before they are certain and knowing there is likely to be an immediate need for our service. It is perfect to know what type of businesses are looking at us and is an excellent way to get new information on companies I hadn't even considered.
Ronni Hartgen, Business Development Manager, Speedy Freight

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