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About Travelers

Travelers is one of the world’s leading commercial property and casualty insurers who specialize in several business sectors, including manufacturing, automotive, technology, media, financial institutions, public sector, and transport. They have approximately 30,000 employees and 13,500 independent agents and brokers across the globe.

The Challenge

Although aware of website visitor tracking, Travelers understood very little about website visitor automation. Their existing tools weren’t helping them understand website visitors and data extracted had to be handled and analyzed in a very manual way. This affected how data was shared with internal stakeholders and understanding where potential opportunities existed.

Our Solution

Travelers uses Lead Forensics to generate and automate the distribution of data intelligence into their martech and CRM solutions, as well as share data insight with senior stakeholders and regional leaders. These seamless integrations also mean they can automate campaigns and communicate with end-users without the need for manual intervention.

Additionally, regional leaders are fueled with data intelligence, allowing them to capitalize on every potential opportunity - in real-time. Email communication is sent based on online visitor behavior - the right message, the right tone, at the right time.

The Result

Since implementing Lead Forensics, Travelers has capitalized on more opportunities, recognizing which visitors are existing customers, new business leads, or lapsed clients, sitting firmly as an integral part of their growth strategy for existing broker accounts and capitalizing on new brokers coming to market. Travelers route intel across their teams and seamlessly automate any interaction with these visitors - allowing them to think and behave much more strategically.

This means each team is able to communicate with potential leads, capitalize on opportunities in real-time, and share data insight with senior leaders across the business with confidence - something that couldn't be done before Lead Forensics.

As well as generating new business leads from their website visitor intel, the ability to retain and grow existing broker accounts is crucial to Traveler's success. With Lead Forensics, they can see when an existing broker visits the website, how they behave online, and details of who they are – valuable insight for their distribution network to open up new opportunities and cross-sell and upsell services.

“With Lead Forensics, Travelers makes informed data-driven decisions, something we couldn’t do previously. Our distribution network relies heavily on data intelligence and reporting - Lead Forensics’ capabilities allow us to deliver just that.”
Ian Gandy, Head of Digital and User Experience

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